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The '12 Reasons Why' listing presentation is fully editable and versatile. Use the presentation in print format, on your computer, on your ipad or tablet, or on your website and more.

The horizontal format is ideal to display your listing presentation. You can modify or update your listing presentation template at any time by using Microsoft® PowerPoint.

We Have 15 Listing Presentation Designs!

Classic Design listing presentation
#1: Classic Design
Agent Design listing presentation
#2: Agent Design
Elegance listing presentation
#3: Elegance Design
Sold listing presentation
#4: Sold Design
Inspiration Design listing presentation
#5: Inspiration Design
Celebration Design listing presentation
#6: Celebration Design
Family Design listing presentation
#7: Family Design
ReMax listing presentation
#8: Re/Max Design
Coldwell Banker listing presentation
#9: Coldwell Banker Design
Keller Williams listing presentation
#10: Keller Williams Design
Exit Realty listing presentation
#11: Exit Realty Design
Berkshire Hathaway listing presentation
#12: Berkshire Hathaway Design
Century 21 listing presentation
#13: Century 21 Design
ERA listing presentation
#14: ERA Design
Royal LePage listing presentation
#15: Royal LePage Design

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a free Pre Listing Presentation for real estate agents

Pre-Listing Presentation

Sets The Stage For Your Arrival!

Gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent before you arrive for the listing appointment.


advanced listing appointment training for real estate agents and a free listing presentation

how to win listings when on a listing appointment with an effective listing presentation

"87% of Agents Fail... It Doesn't Have To be You!"

This breakthrough teaching system will allow you to immediately profit on your very first listing appointment. Just imagine walking into the home filled with confidence knowing you have what it takes to motivate even the most difficult and obnoxious seller to list with you. Picture yourself walking out of the home filled with pride and joy because you have the signed listing in your briefcase. Oh how good it feels as you get into your car and speed off knowing a big commission check is heading your way. It's celebration time! That's exactly what you can expect when you get your hands on 'Strategic Advantage 4X!'.


"Success Occurs When Preparation Meets Opportunity!"

dreams come true when preparation meets opportunity in real estate sales and when on a listing appointment

To Be A Listing Champion & Win Listings...
You Must Be Prepared For Your Opportunity!

Success is never an accident. All successful people prepared themselves in advance to meet their own unique opportunities The same applies to your opportunity called real estate sales. We all became agents because we saw it as the vehicle to achieve our dreams. None of us became an agent just to struggle and eventually fail. Unfortunately it happens to 87% of agents because they simply were not prepared for success.


The only question is...
"Are You Prepared To Win?"
Because Competition for Listings Is Fierce!

Were you aware the typical seller interviews 2 to 7 agents before selecting one to list the home? This means you are in competition with at least 1 other agent for virtually every listing appointment you go on. And to win that listing you must prove to the seller you are different from the other agent. This leads us to three questions.

what to say when you are on a listing appointment and ready to do a listing presentation

Knowing the answer to these three questions is essential if you want to excel at listings and become a listing champion. You see... a listing appointment is much more than what it looks like on the surface. When you consider 83% of communication is non-verbal you'll quickly realize you need to be really good with people to have any chance at persuading them to choose you to list their homes.


"Standing Between You & Your Dreams Is A Listing."

real estate listing agreeement to show sell when doing a listing presentation

That is how close you are to living your dreams. It's time to become a Master of your Trade. It's time to discover what it takes to motivate sellers to choose you over any other agent on your MLS board. It's now time for you to decide to be 'The Listing Champion'.


why do 4% of agents win all the listings with this listing presentation

"4% of Agents Control 74% of The Listings?"

Have you ever noticed it is the same handful of agents who have most of the For Sale signs in neighborhoods in your city? This top 4% group of agents just seems to thrive while other agents bang their heads wondering how to succeed. It's like these top 4% agents can walk on water when it comes to winning listings.

top 5 questions to consider when doing a listing presentation

It is wisdom to want to discover how and why top agents are successful. It is the foolish agent who wants to learn how to succeed through their own trail and error called experience. You can save years of heartache and tens, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars in lost income by simply discovering what the top 4% do and then implement their expertise into your business.

top listing agents use a very different listing presentation

"The 4% Play By A Different Set of Rules!"

They stopped following the standard method on how to do a listing appointment that overworked and underpaid agents have been taught to believe in. And it's not their magnetic or charismatic personalities that is the reason for their massive listing success. And if you think it is their salesmanship... their ability to use sales scripts and closing techniques... you will be surprised to learn it is not because they neither believe in such things or use such gimmicks when with sellers.


what should you say in a listing presentation

"Then What Do The 4% Do To Win?"

The elite 4% of agents KNOW HOW a seller makes the decision to list. They are MASTERS at their trade. They then apply this Trade Secret when on a listing appointment in a very unique way to MOTIVATE the seller to choose them. This and this alone accounts for this success.


top agents use insight when using a listing presentation

"What's So Unique About Their Approach?"

The elite 4% of agents have insight into sellers few agents ever attain. This insight into why and how sellers choose agents produces their success. Their insight equips them in the art of persuasion. They are able to use this insight to motivate a seller to choose them as their listing agent.


This Google Survey of Sellers Provides A Clue To What The Top 4% Do!

Most agents think that to win listings they must slash commissions or take overpriced garbage that never sells. The top 4% of agents certainly do not believe that at all. They know that is not what what a seller wants from an agent. Then what do sellers really want from agents? Allow us to look to Google. Why Google? Because Google asked sellers what was important in terms of choosing an agent. Here is what real sellers told Google.


Google survery of sellers to use in your listing presentation

sellers want a listing presentation done to undestand what you will do for them

Sellers Said Trust Is How They Decide To Choose An Agent!

That's the trade secret of the top 4% of agents who dominate listings. They know how to create seller trust and motivate sellers into choosing them. They are masters at it. They are high level professionals in the art of persuasion. They are even highly skilled in the art of body language... knowing that 83% of communication is non-verbal.

How About Yourself?

If you don't, you are in big trouble because to sellers trust is their #1 way of making a decision to say yes to one agent and no to another. That's why you simply must get your hands on 'Strategic Advantage 4X!'. When you do... you will know exactly how to create seller trust and how to motivate sellers to choose you. The result is... you walk out of that home with a signed listing priced right to sell fast. And that means a very quick commission check for you.


do you want bigger listings, better clients and faster commission checks because of your effective listing presentation

success on a listing presentation all starts with the agent understanding it is all about trust

What Is The Definition of Trust?

Trust is defined as the assured reliance on the (1) character, (2) ability,
(3) strength, or (4) truth of someone in which confidence is placed.

This article contains the 6 steps to follow for an effective listing presentation appointment built upon trust


The Top 4% Are Experts At Creating Trust... And You Must Be Too!

Yes... that is the insight top listing agents have and know how to do when on a listing appointment. And creating trust is what you must be really good at when on a listing appointment. If you thought you had to be good at sales scripts and closing techniques then we have good news for you... no you don't. The truth is such foolishness is not required at all and is actually offensive to sellers. All you need to be good at is creating seller trust and motivation. Nothing else is needed!


a real esatte agent wants a trust creating plan within the listing presentation

"You Will Know How To Create Trust!"

Unfortunately most agents have no idea on how to create seller trust. They are left to sink or swim when it comes to what to do and what to say when on listing appointments. Is there any wonder why the failure rate in real estate sales is 87%? But when you join 'Strategic Advantage 4X!' you will instantly become an expert at creating seller trust. The result... you will win even more listings.


"The 6 Step Trust Creating Plan!"

Simply Follow It & Even The Most
Obnoxious Seller Will List With You!

6 steps to winning listings when on a listing appointment and using your listing presentation template

It's The 6 Steps 'Combined' That Creates Trust & Motivation!

Winning listings can be likened to a manufacturing plant. Each and every step in the manufacturing process is essential to produce the product. If you eliminate any one of the steps... the entire process of creating seller trust and motivation breaks down. Said another way... you lose the listing. You must be an expert at all 6 individual steps to guarantee you have done all you can do to create the required seller trust and motivation to choose you.


Creating Trust is Essential If You Want To Win..
Here's How To Manufacture Seller Trust!

This is step 1 of the 6 steps to follow when using a listing presentation

"Effectively Introduce Yourself Before You Arrive!"

If you ask any of the elite 4% agents they'll quickly tell you how important it is for you to introduce yourself properly to the seller. This brings us to the importance of a Pre-Listing Presentation. It's your first step to winning the listing. Simply drop off, or email, your pre-listing presentation to the seller 2 or 3 days before the actual date of your listing appointment.

Pre Listing Presentation is to be used before a listing presentation.

Your Pre-Listing Presentation Strategy!

A pre-listing presentation is a 'Mini Commercial' about yourself. You will want to highlight your experience, sales awards and professional designations. You will also want to showcase your unique home selling strategy. And don't forget to include a page outlining any information you want the seller to have available at the listing appointment.


This is step 2 of the 6 steps to follow when using a listing presentation

"It's Easy... Simply Prove
You have Access To Buyers!"

Too many agents think 'high list price' and 'very low commission fees' is how you persuade a seller to list. If that were the case then full commission companies would not exist. Yet the exact opposite is true. Full commission companies control the vast supply of listing inventory. This is where our 45 Minute Coaching video will simply transform you into a listing champion. Instead of you thinking you must slash your commission in hopes of winning a listing... you will discover exactly what you must do to motivate the seller to choose you.

How to explain you have buyers in your listing presentation

"Yes I Have Buyers For Your Home!"

A powerful 45 Minute coaching movie that reveals to you how to prove to the seller you have access to real buyers for the home. You will put a list of real buyers, who are motivated to buy now, on the kitchen table. When you prove you have buyers... that is the exact moment you just motivated the seller to choose you.


This is step 3 of the 6 steps to follow when using a listing presentation

"You Have 1 Chance At A Good 1st Impression!"

What To Do & Say At The Front Door
To Win The Seller's Respect!

A listing appointment is NOT ONLY a business meeting but also a social event. Unfortunately agents miss this entirely and totally lack a Front Door Plan. The cold and brutal truth is... it is at the front door where you either win or lose the listing. You must make a positive 1st impression on the seller so that rapport is instantly created. That happens at the front door. Therefore a winning strategy is required when you arrive at the front door. You simply must know what to do & what to say when arriving at the front door. For this reason we created Front Door Training.

What to do and what to say when arriving at the front door for your listing appointment and listing presentation.

Front Door Video Coaching!

Do you want to win the seller before you even take a step into the home? This coaching video will show you what to do & what to say when at the front door. You'll instantly gain seller acceptance and rapport. And both are essential to have before you enter the home.


This is step 4 of the 6 steps to follow when using a listing presentation

"You Must Seize Control Of The Appointment!"

What To Do & Say In The Foyer
To Win The Seller's Approval!

With rapport successfully created at the front door... the seller invites you into the foyer. It is in the foyer where you simply must seize control of the listing appointment. Once again you must know what to do and what to say to win the listing. To help... we have created Foyer Training.

What to do and what to say when you step into the foyer for your listing appointment and listing presentation.

Inside The Foyer Video Coaching

You will discover what to do and what to say the moment you take your first step into the home. This strategy empowers you to quickly seize control of the listing appointment. And control is what you must have so that the listing appointment flows with ease and you walk out of the home with the signed listing in your hands.


This is step 5 of the 6 steps to follow when using a listing presentation

"You Must Extract 2 Pieces of Critical Info!"

What To Do At The Kitchen Table
To Win The Seller's Confidence!

Awesome... you're now in the kitchen and headed towards the kitchen table. Unlike poorly trained agents... you know you must gather 2 critical pieces of seller information before you take out your listing presentation. You know by having these 2 critical pieces of info... you just sealed the deal when it comes to walking out of the home with the listing in your hands. That's what you will learn how to do in this Kitchen Table Coaching video.

What to do and what to say when in the kitchen for your listing appointment and listing presentation.

In The Kitchen Video Coaching!

There are 2 critical pieces of information you simply must extract from the seller before you open your listing presentation. Without having this critical information you put winning the listing at serious RISK. This video will show you exactly what to do and what to say before you even open your listing presentation.


This is step 6 of the 6 steps to follow when using a listing presentation

"12 Reasons Why... To List With Me!"

What To Say In Your Listing Presentation
To Win The Seller's Trust & Approval.

15 listing presentation template designs for real etate agents


"Next Task!"
You Absolutely Must know
How To Manufacture Listings!

your listing presentation will win you listings


Listings Don't Happen By Accident!

Luck has nothing to do with your success. Since you are wanting to be a listing champion you will need to know how to manufacture listings because listings do not happen by accident. 'Strategic Advantage 4X!' will help you manufacture as many listings as you want and when you want those listings. For this reason we include the following programs in the 'Strategic Advantage 4X!' system to help you win.

Top 10 people for a listing presentation

How To Win More Listings Movie!

This remarkable step-by-step coaching movie quickly reveals 'how to easily win listings'. Simply follow its recommendations to start winning listings this week.

How to farm for listings and how to use a listing presentation

Farming Made Much Easier & Faster!

This informative coaching movie quickly reveals how to farm for listings. Simply follow its recommendations & you will quickly dominate any farm area with ease.

How to follow up and win a listing presentation

How To Follow Up To Win Listings!

Your fortune is found in the follow up. This personal coaching video outlines what follow up is and how to follow up effectively so that you maximize your listing production.

How to stay in touch and win a a listing presentation

How To Stay In Touch & Win Listings!

Staying in touch is not the same as follow up. In this personal coaching video you will discover exactly what Stay In Touch is and how to perform effective Stay In Touch marketing. Because when you stay in touch... you stay in business.

How to get listing leads on Google and win a listing presentation

How To Find Listing Leads On Google!

Do you want to be #1 on Google? After all, Google is where the masses are found. In this personal coaching video we will show you what you must do to master Google and win listings. .

How to get listing leads on Facebook and win a listing presentation

How To Find Listing Leads On Facebook!

The 8 unique websites you need on Facebook to win listing and buyer leads. We detail what each site is and how to post the sites to Facebook for free. In less than 5 minutes per day you can significantly increase your odds at winning urgent and motivated leads on Facebook.


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Realtor Lolo Clacher of Re/Max Lilo Clacher of RE/MAX Proven Professionals Always Wins!

Since purchasing the seller presentation package and putting it to full use, I have NEVER walked away from a listing appointment without the signed listing in my briefcase.

Realtor Senjey Joshi of Homelife DiamondsSenjey Joshi of Homelife Diamonds Writes...

It works! I went on my very first listing appointment and won the listing. Thank you for an awesome listing presentation.

RE/MAX Agent Robert Burns Robert Burns of RE/MAX Earns Over $2,000,000!

I made $18,489.17 when using it on just one listing. Since putting to use the entire package I have earned over $2,000,000 in personal commissions.

Realtor Edee Franklin listing presentationEdee Franklin of Max Broock Realtors Writes...

I won the listing. All I had to do was flip the pages. Too easy!


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