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Listing Presentation Success Kit

Impress Sellers & Win Listings!

It's The Ultimate Listing Presentation Winners Kit!

Listing Kit Includes All Of The Following


"Strategic Advantage Listing Presentation!"

You Get 2 Professional Designs, Stunning Photos, Powerful Content & Effective Strategies That Proves You Are The Right Agent To Hire

Listing Presentation Cover Slide Black Template
Listing Presentation Discussion Flow Slide
Listing Presentation Cover Slide Blue Template
Listing Presentation Discussion Flow Slide

"Top 5 Benefits You Enjoy!"

Sellers Quickly Recognize You Are The Best Agent To Choose!

Listing presentation proves you're unique

Proves You're Unique

Your 'Value Proposition' proves you are unique. It separates you from other agents... convincing the seller to list.

learn how to prove you're unique

To Prove You Are Unique

This listing presentation proves you're competent

Proves You're Competent

Your listing presentation must prove you are a competent agent... convincing a seller to list with you.

learn how to be competent

To Prove You Are Competent

This listing presentation proves you're trustworthy

Proves You're Trustworthy

Trust is the #1 issue of a seller. Your listing presentation must prove you are an agent of integrity & determination.

learn how to be unique

To Prove You Are Trustworthy

This listing presentation proves you're dependable

Proves You're Dependable

Your client wants an agent who is dependable... one who will outline, and keep, their promises during the sale.

learn how to prove you are dependable

To Prove You Are Dependable

This listing presentation gives you the advantage

Gives You The Advantage

This listing presentation motivates sellers to choose by proving you are unique, competent and trustworthy.

learn how to give yourself the advantage

To Give Yourself The Advantage

Does Strategic Advantage Listing System Work?

Yes... RE/MAX Agent Earns Over $2,000,000

Top Agent Robert BurnsBob Burns of RE/MAX Writes...

Since buying Strategic Advantage I have earned over $2,000,000 in personal commissions. My confidence when I walk into a listing appointment is off the charts because I know I am going to win the listing. Without question... the best investment I have ever made as an agent.

Powerful Video...
A Must Watch If You Want To Win Listings!

Listing presentation strategy video - Win the listing on every listing appointment in less than 15 minutes!

I Won Using It The Very First Time!

REALTOR® Sean Moore Sean Moore of RE/MAX Wins The Listing On His Very First Listing Appointment

I purchased the entire package of presentations and have already used it to secure a $350,000 listing!

Thank you for such a powerful listing presentation.

Includes 7 Tactical Listing Strategies To 'Win The Listing' On Listing Appointments.

You Also Receive 7 Tactical Listing Strategies Proven To Persuade Sellers To List & Sell With You!

Listing Visual Aids for Seller Objections

Solve Objections 6 Visual Aids

Quickly solve objections by using professional visual strategies designed to gain seller agreement.

learn how to solve listing objections

To Handle Objections

10 Professional Agent Portfolios

10 Professional Portfolios

Professionally introduce yourself to clients. For use in marketing, mailing, meetings, open houses & more.

learn how introduce yourself

To Impact Clients

Pre-Listing Presentation

Pre-Listing Presentation

Gives you the opportunity to showcase your experience, strengths, and home selling strategies before you even arrive for the appointment.

pre-listing presentation learn more

To Impress Sellers

Safe Island Presentation

Safe Island Presentation

Its purpose is to gather 2 critical pieces of information from the seller before you begin the listing presentation.

safe island presentation learn more

To Extract Critical Seller Info

Pricing Presentation To Price Listings Hot

'Price It Hot' Presentation

A Persuasive 9 Page 'Pricing Presentation' Designed To Encourage A Seller To Reduce Price To Current Market Value.

learn how to price a listing fast sale

To Price Hot For Fast Sale

Pricing Presentation To Price Listings Right

'Price It Right' Presentation

A Persuasive 7 Page 'Pricing Presentation' Purposely Designed To Cause a Seller To 'Price The Listing Right' Starting From Day 1.

learn how to price a listing right

To Price It Right From Day 1

Listing Offer Presentation

Offer Presentation

Proven to eliminate useless arguments while presenting an offer to a seller. Focuses the seller on what is important... accepting the offer.

listing offer presentation learn more

To Present Winning Offers

I Won The Listing On The First Try!

Agent Jason Smith Jason Smith of Excel Realty Wins On The Very 1st Listing Appointment

This past Thursday evening I went on my very first listing appointment using the Strategic Advantage listing presentation. Guess what? I got the listing. Thank you so much for creating such awesome listing presentation.

You Also Receive These Advanced Listing Presentation Training Videos

You Also Receive... Advanced Listing Training

Every Secret & Every Strategy On How To Win Listings Is Revealed

how to produce a list of buyers on a listing appointment

30 Minute Buyer Video

This 'Step-By-Step' coaching video shows you how to position yourself as the buyer expert. This is critical, as doing so causes the seller to recognize you as the right listing agent.

What to say at the front door

Front Door Coaching

Do you want to win the seller before you even take a step into the home? This coaching video will show you what to do and say when at the front door. When doing so, you instantly gain seller acceptance.

What to say in the foyer

Foyer Coaching

A brilliant strategy on how to quickly establish rapport and respect with the seller. This video will show you exactly what to do and say the moment you take your first step into the home.

What to say in the kitchen

Kitchen Coaching

There are 3 critical strategies you must follow before you open your listing presentation. This video will show you exactly what to do and say before you even open your listing presentation.

How to farm for listings, get more farm area listings

Farming For Listings

This informative coaching movie quickly reveals how to farm for listings. Simply follow its recommendations & you will quickly dominate any farm area with ease.

How to follow up with listings, clients and prospects

How To Follow Up

Your fortune is found in the follow up. This personal coaching video outlines what follow up is and how to follow up effectively so that you maximize your listing production.

How to stay in touch with listings, clients and prospects

How To Stay In Touch

Staying in touch is not the same as follow up. In this personal coaching video you will discover exactly what Stay In Touch is and how to perform effective Stay In Touch marketing.

How to get listing leads on Google

Google Leads

Do you want to be #1 on Google? After all, Google is where the masses are found. In this personal coaching video we will show you what you must do to master Google.

I Win The Listing Every Time!

RE/MAX Realtor Lolo Clacher Lilo Clacher of RE/MAX Proven Professionals Writes...

Since purchasing the listing presentation package and putting it to full use, I have NEVER walked away from a listing appointment without the signed listing in my briefcase.

You Also Get This Proven FSBO Listing Presentation & Expired Listing Presentation

"FSBO & Expired Presentations!"

Because It's Easy To List Each With Strategic Advantage

FSBO Listing Presentation

Win FSBO Listings

This remarkable FSBO listing presentation motivates a FSBO to work with you. The FSBO realizes you are an extraordinary agent... one they can trust to sell their home.

Expired Listing Presentation

Win Expired Listings

This powerful Expired listing presentation results in the expired listing lead wanting you to list their home for sale.

"Your Premier Listing Presentation!"

For Use On Computer, Notebook, iPad, Tablet, Print, Website & Email

Listing Presentation Looks Professional On Any Device. Versatile Presentation for PowerPoint, iPad, tablet, notebook, computer, print format & more.

100% Editable - Customize It Any Way You Like!

Add Logo - Add Photo - Includes Editable Content Too

The horizontal format is ideal to beautifully display your listing presentation. This means your clients will be able to access your listing presentation on any device they love! You can change, modify, or update your listing presentation content at any time by using Microsoft® PowerPoint or Apple Keynote software. And since it is a PowerPoint creation... you can email your presentation to your clients at the click of a mouse!

Actual Pages Of The Strategic Advantage Listing Presentation

8 Step Marketing Plan Slide - Making The Home More Attractive

Presentation Marketing Plan Slide - Understanding Competition

Listing Presentation Marketing Plan - Buyers Buy Decor & Space

Marketing Plan Slide Example - Staging The Home Is Important For Buyers

Presentation Marketing Plan Slide - Photos Sell The Home First

Listing Presentation Marketing Plan - The Power Of A Drone & Drone Photography

As An Agent... You Require An Effective Strategy!

Having a well written Marketing Plan in your listing presentation puts the odds in your favor when it comes to separating yourself from the crowd of agents the seller may be considering. At same time it also proves to the seller that you are an extraordinary agent with the expertise and experience to sell the home. Your step-by-step marketing plan is easy to understand and motivates your client to list with you.

All I Do Is Flip The Pages & Win!

Top Agent Edee Franklin Edee Franklin of Max Broock Writes...

Powerful listing presentation that actually works. All I have to do is flip the pages to get the listing.

More Presentation Slides For Your Review...

There Is No Point In Taking An Overpriced
Listing That Has No Hope Of Selling

Use These Listing Presentation Slides To Persuade The
Seller To Price Hot So Your Listing Sells Fast

PowerPoint listing presentation pricing plan slide

Listing Pricing Slide - The CMA or comparative market analysis

Pricing Slide - buyer showings chart or what buyers are looking at

Presentation Pricing Slide - 3 price points of listing a home

Pricing Slide - how time impacts home showings

Pricing Slide - the market update presentation slide

Listing Presentation Pricing Slide - the number of days to sell a home presentation slide

Pricing Slide - the average sold price presentation slide

Your Listings Will Be Priced Hot For Quick Sale

By explaining to your seller the advantages and disadvantages with respect to each price point within your listing presentation. The seller will be fully informed and able to select the range that best suits their selling goals. This results in pricing at fair market value which means your listing will sell quickly. And that is the entire point of winning a listing. The last thing you want is an overpriced listing that never sells.

The Best I have Ever Seen!

Agent Jason SmithBetty Prejzner of USA Realty writes...

I love the presentations, the best I have ever seen.

Great News For You...
It's On Sale Right Now!

Strategic Advantage Listing Presentation Is On Sale

Key Listing Presentation Features

PowerPoint & Keynote Compatible

Use and customize your listing presentation with either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad & Tablet Compatible

Show the listing presentation on your iPad or Android tablet when on an appointment.

High Quality Printable

Your presentation has been graphically designed to produce a beautiful print finish.

Fully Editable & Customizable

In seconds you can drop in your logo, photo, make edits to content and much more.

Includes Content For All Slides

Recommended listing presentation content that is proven to produce results included.

Includes Free Video Training

Included 'Step-By-Step' listing presentation video training to help you win more listings.

For more information on the listing presentation please visit our FAQ page.

Listing Presentation Resources

Articles, Scripts & Tips To Improve Your Listing Presentation Skills

Listing Presentation Scripts

This listing appointment scripts article reveals the 'Top 8 Listing Presentation Scripts' agents can use to 'win the listing' on every listing appointment.

Top 8 Listing Presentation Scripts For Listing Appointments

Listing Presentation Tips

This listing presentation tips article reveals the '10 Best Listing Presentation Tips' agents can use when doing a listing appointment presentation.

The Top 10 Listing Presentation Tips For Agents

Creating An Effective Listing Presentation

Informative article shows agents how to create a listing presentation that is effective. It outlines how to create a presentation & what to include in the presentation to 'win the listing'.

How To Create An Effective Listing Presentation That Wins Listings

Listing Presentation Checklist

Outlines 8 listing presentation checklist points to impress sellers & win listing appointments. This 8 point checklist will make sure you are prepared for listing presentation success.

Listing Presentation Checklist For Winning Listing Appointments

Listing Presentation Ideas

Article discusses 5 listing presentation ideas for a 'winning' real estate listing presentation. Contains 5 amazing presentation ideas to showcase your talent & experience.

5 Listing Presentation Ideas For A Winning Presentation

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