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The Only Listing Presentation That Proves You Have Buyers...

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You Are Always Only 3 Points Away From Winning!

Sellers Want To Hire A Real Professional... Not Some Part-Time
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Your Client Wants Buyer Proof.

Can You Prove You Have Buyers?

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Do You Bring A List of Buyers To The Appointment?

If Not... Why Not!

Of Course You Have Access To Buyers For Your Sellers!

  • You access these buyers off your MLS board. (70% of buyers in your city are found on the MLS board.)
  • Our 30 minute coaching video will show you how to create this list of buyers.
  • And we will show you how to present this list of buyers to your sellers.

Real Buyers... Buyers Who Must Buy Within 15 Days.

  • You will put a list of real buyers on the kitchen table.
  • Motivated buyers... buyers who must buy within 15 days.
  • And when you do... your seller instantly recognizes you are the right agent to list with.

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Your Client Has 12 Problems.

Unless Your Marketing Plan Addresses & Resolves All 12 Seller Problems... They Will Not List With You.

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Are You Solving Their Top 12 Problems?

If Not... Why Not?

The Solutions Create Seller Trust & Confidence In You.

  • By showing your seller the solution to these 12 problems... you will put the seller at ease.
  • Once at ease... they no longer are under stress and feel it is safe to do business with you.
  • Trust & confidence... it's the most important factors when it comes to the seller deciding to list with you.

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Your Client Wants A True Professional.

A Listing Presentation Must Look & Sound Professional

We Have 14 Unique Designs... Each Design Includes Content
& Scripts Written To Win The Seller's Confidence & Listing

Editable Content: Add or Edit Content, Add Your Photo & Logo, Add Slides, Etc...

Editable Colors & Design: Use 'As Is'... Or Edit To Any Color Scheme or Company Colors

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Your Income is Always on The Line...
You Must Give Yourself The Advantage!

A listing presentation is an opportunity to represent a homeowner in the sale of their home. While a listing appointment can be a simple conversation with a homeowner, agents who excel at winning listings use a listing presentation that positions them as the Buyer Authority. These agents understand the importance of putting a list of real buyers on the seller's table... buyers who must buy within 15 days. That's why an effective presentation must be divided into 2 unique sections.

Intro: The Strategy Of A Winning Listing Presentation

What Does Your Seller Want?.

The strategy of a winning listing presentation, proven stategy is included.

Listing Presentation Strategy Determines The Victory

Before you invest into a listing presentation you first must consider the strategy. To win listings, you must have a strategy that appeals to the desires of the seller. The last thing you want is a listing presentation that a seller simply is not interested in hearing.

To guarantee you have the 'right' strategy just ask yourself this question; 'What Does A Seller Want From You?'. The obvious answer is a buyer for their home. This provides you with the right strategy. You want your listing presentation to prove to that seller you have access to buyers for their home. And you want to provide the evidence that you do.

1. Cover Page of the Listing Presentation

Goal: Instantly impress your client...

listing presentation cover slide

As they say, 'You only get one chance to make a first impression'... so you better get it right.

The key to getting it right is to use the right message on your listing presentation cover slide. And that right message must appeal to the desires of your listing client. Said another way... 'What does your seller want from you?'. The answer is... a sold sign on their front lawn.

The 2nd most important message your seller wants is to know you will fulfill all your promises. That's why the headline of your cover slide reads 'Guaranteed Service'. In only 2 words you have put the seller at ease and you are ready to begin your listing presentation.

2. Section 1 of a Winning Listing Presentation

Goal: Prove you have motivated buyers...

listing presentation section 1: yes I have a list of motivated buyers for your home

The #1 reason why sellers hire agents is they want a professional real estate company to find a buyer for their homes. This presents to the agent an opportunity to use the 'Yes I Have Access To Buyers For Your Home' listing strategy to impress the seller and win the listing.

Where do you gain access to these buyers? You access the buyers off your MLS board. And you use the MLS board's Hotsheets to know when one of the buyers are ready to buy a home.

This listing presentation strategy provides the required proof and evidence to the seller that you are indeed the Buyer Authority. Once you have established in the mind of the seller you are the Buyer Authority... your seller trusts you.

3. Section 2 of a Winning Listing Presentation

Goal: Marketing Plan for 1st time buyers...

listing presentation section 2: the first time home buyer marketing plan

After you have proven you have access to buyers in section 1 of the listing presentation, you now turn your attention to section 2 where you will discuss your marketing plan and how it reaches into the first time home buyer market.

You will also present to your homeowner tips and strategies on how to guarantee the home appeals to buyers during a showing. Specific tips and strategies are discussed to maximize impact during showings.

You will also discuss your Service Guarantee during your presentation and how your homeowner can rest confident in knowing you will do what you have promised throughout the listing term.

4. The Listing Presentation 'Staging Plan'

Goal: Ready the home for showings...

The 21 home staging tips or staging plan presentation slide

You absolutely want your listing client to value the impact 'decor' has on a buyer during a showing.

For this reason you will discuss the top 21 staging tips with your client to guarantee the home is ready for showings.

It is of critical importance to the eventual sale of the home that your client recognizes the urgency to ready the home for sale. That's why this listing presentation includes this important slide for home staging tips.

With these easy to implement 21 tips your listing client can have their home ready for showings in less than 48 hours.

5. The Listing Presentation CMA

Goal: For your listing client to understand the CMA process...

The property cma formula listing presentation slide

It is not wise to assume your client is aware of what a CMA is and how the value of the home is determined when using the CMA.

It is for this reason your presentation must educate your listing client on the 3 most important factors of a CMA.

1. Similar Homes Recently Sold

2. Similar Homes Now For Sale

3. Similar Homes That Did Not Sell

6. The Listing Presentation 'Price Range' Slide

Goal: Empower your listing client with choice...

The 3 price range points presentation slide

When advising your listing client on list price, it is important for you to offer 3 unique price points to the homeowner.

1. Above Market Value

2. Fair Market Value

3. Below Market Value

By doing this in your presentation, you're empowering your client to set a list price based upon their selling urgency.

7. The Listing Presentation '4 Showing Points' Slide

Goal: An educated seller is an informed seller...

The how to price a home for the best sale listing presentation slide

Most clients are not fully aware on how home condition & price impact the sale. For this reason your listing presentation must disclose 4 showing points.

1. Overpriced But Showable

2. Priced Right But Not Showable

3. Overpriced & Not Showable

4. Priced Right & Showable.

8. Presentation 'Guaranteed Service Plan' for Seller Trust

Goal: To put the seller at ease...

The guaranteed service plan presentation slide

Now it's time to prove you back up your word by providing a powerful service guarantee.

You will clearly outline your service guarantee to your client in your listing presentation.

The result... you will have a seller who knows they can trust you to do all your promises.

9. Listing Presentation '12 Point Marketing Plan' Slide

Goal: To prove you are the buyer authority...

The 12 steps to winning the listing marketing plan listing presentation slide

It goes without saying a homeowner desires to list with an agent who is competent and has the experience to sell the home. This is why a 12 step marketing plan is an essential component of a powerful listing presentation.

The key to success within a marketing plan is to focus your client on buyers. You will outline 9 specific buyer strategies to the seller within your 12 step marketing plan.

The result... you will have a seller who feels it is safe and secure to list with you.

10. Position Yourself As The Buyer Authority

Just Don't Be An Agent... Be The Authority.

The only listing presentation that positions you as an agent of buyer authority

The key to success as a listing agent is to position yourself as the buyer authority. By doing so you are providing the seller with the motivation required to select you are their listing agent. At the same time you are separating yourself from the competition who are simply positioning themselves as average agents.

This is what you want your listing presentation to do for you. Your presentation must demonstrate that by listing with you the seller has an distinct advantage. This is easily achieved by putting a list of real buyers on the seller's kitchen table. The training included with this investment will show you how to extract buyers off your MLS board. These are real buyers who must buy a home in the next 15 days or less.

Key Listing Presentation Features

PowerPoint & Keynote Compatible

Use and customize your listing presentation with either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad & Tablet Compatible

Show the listing presentation on your iPad or Android tablet when on an appointment.

High Quality Printable

Your presentation has been graphically designed to produce a beautiful print finish.

Fully Editable & Customizable

In seconds you can drop in your logo, photo, make edits to content and much more.

Includes Content For All Slides

Recommended listing presentation content that is proven to produce results included.

Includes Free Video Training

Included 'Step-By-Step' listing presentation video training to help you win more listings.

For more information on the listing presentation please visit our FAQ page.

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