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Coldwell Banker
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Royal LePage
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Listing Presentation for Condo

Personal Access To Randy Roussie

Randy is the #1 listing coach in North America since 1987. You have direct access to Randy by both telephone and email. Randy makes himself available to help you prosper in your real estate business.

Listing Presentation for Condo

Your Success Assignment!

"Awaken The Top Agent Within!" Discover how to ignite your passion and fuel your determination to achieve your dreams. It's 120 jam-packed pages of performance exploding strategies.


Listing Presentation for Condo


Your Success Assignment includes a 31 Day Success Journal, 31 videos on how to develop a Top Producer Mentality, and 31 audios you can listen to in your car.


Win Listings... Explode Your Referrals!

Listing Presentation for Condo

What Sellers Want Listing Presentation

Some sellers are very demanding. That's why we created the 'What Sellers Want!' listing presentation. The content will satisfy even the most analytical seller. Days on market, buyer statistics & even Internet facts are detailed.


Listing Presentation for Condo

Condo Presentation Template

A listing presentation design dedicated to sellers living in a condo. Simply add your own style and marketing approach. Includes directions on how to swap out city photo with your city photo.

Pre Listing Presentation

Pre-Listing Presentation

Sets The Stage For Your Arrival!

Gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent before you arrive for the listing appointment.

How to overcome listing presentation objections

Solve Objections With 6 Visual Aids!

Were you aware if you answer objections with visual solutions, and not just through speech only, you significantly increase seller agreement? This is why we developed these 6 visual aids... to give you every opportunity to resolve issues and win listings.

Listing Presentation Template and Portfolio

6 Professional Portfolios!

An awesome way for you to promote yourself to leads, clients and past clients. You can use any of these 6 professional portfolios in prospecting packages, open house packages, past client stay-in-touch marketing, farm promotion and much more!

4 Open House Presentations!

You can use these 4 marketing presentations in any way you can imagine. Each has been created in MS PowerPoint. Simply open and add whatever information you like. Perfect for those occasions where you want to express your creativity.

Listing Presentation Template and Portfolio

Safe Island Presentation!

A simply way for the seller to reveal both price and selling urgency. You use this presentation when first sitting down at the kitchen table and before you open your listing presentation.

No Point In Taking Overpriced Listings!

Listing Presentation Template and Portfolio

Price It Hot!

A Persuasive 9 Page 'Pricing Presentation' Purposely Designed To Cause A Seller To Reduce Price To Current Market Value.

Listing Presentation Template and Portfolio

Price It Right!

A Persuasive 7 Page 'Pricing Presentation' Purposely Designed To Cause a Seller To Price Right Starting From Day 1.

"You'll Be The Seller Trust & Motivation Expert & Win Listings With Ease!"

Buyers for Listing Presentation

45 Minute Buyer Success Movie

This 'Step-By-Step' coaching video shows you how to position yourself as the buyer expert. This is critical, as doing so causes the seller to recognize you as the right listing agent.

What to say at the front door on a listing presentation

At The Front Door Coaching Movie

Do you want to win the seller before you even take a step into the home? This coaching video will show you what to do and say when at the front door. When doing so, you instantly gain seller acceptance.


What to say in the foyer on a listing presentation

Inside The Foyer Coaching Movie

A brilliant strategy on how to quickly establish rapport and respect with the seller. This video will show you exactly what to do and say the moment you take your first step into the home.

What to say when in the kitchen on a listing presentation

In The Kitchen Coaching Movie!

There are 3 critical strategies you must follow before you open your listing presentation. This video will show you exactly what to do and say before you even open your listing presentation.

Top 10 people for a listing presentation

How To Win More Listings Movie!

This remarkable step-by-step coaching movie quickly reveals 'how to easily win listings'. Simply follow its recommendations to start winning listings this week.

How to farm for listings and how to use a listing presentation

Farming Made Much Easier & Faster!

This informative coaching movie quickly reveals how to farm for listings. Simply follow its recommendations & you will quickly dominate any farm area with ease.

How to follow up and win a listing presentation

How To Follow Up To Win Listings!

Your fortune is found in the follow up. This personal coaching video outlines what follow up is and how to follow up effectively so that you maximize your listing production.

How to stay in touch and win a a listing presentation

How To Stay In Touch & Win Listings!

Staying in touch is not the same as follow up. In this personal coaching video you will discover exactly what Stay In Touch is and how to perform effective Stay In Touch marketing.

How to get listing leads on Google and win a listing presentation

How To Find Listing Leads On Google!

Do you want to be #1 on Google? After all, Google is where the masses are found. In this personal coaching video we will show you what you must do to master Google.

How to get listing leads on Facebook and win a listing presentation

How To Find Listing Leads On Facebook!

The 8 unique websites you need on Facebook to win listing and buyer leads. We detail what each site is and how to post the sites to Facebook for free.


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