Top 10 Listing Presentation Tips

The Top Listing Presentation Tips To 'Win The Listing' On Every Listing Appointment.

Contains the top 10 listing presentation tips to follow on listing presentation appointments.

A step-by-step article that contains the top 10 listing presentation tips to follow when on listing appointments. This process has been designed to gain the seller's favor and trust, helping you win the listing appointment!

Tip 1: Prepare Yourself First.

prepare yourself for the listing appointment (listing presentation tip 1)

Sellers hire you!

This means you must be ready for the listing appointment to the very same extent you would be ready for a job interview.

And that's exactly what is happening when you are with the seller... because the seller is either going to hire or fire you.

So having a 'get ready' plan is a must.

#1. Of course you want to be at your very best in terms of personal image. This means you ought to be professional in your dress and courteous in your speech.

#2. Always bring 'breath mints' with you to the listing presentation appointment.

#3. Get yourself motivated. Now is not to time to be nervous and/or shy. People like to hang with enthusiastic people. So do whatever you must to get yourself into this peak performance state of mind.

#4. Wear a smile. Smiles create smiles and you do want cooperative sellers sitting at the kitchen table.

Tip 2: Drop Off Your Pre-Listing Presentation.

drop off pre-listing presentation (listing presentation tip 2)A pre-listing presentation is the most overlooked weapon in an agent's arsenal.

Were you aware it is the most important asset when it comes to putting the listing appointment odds in your favor?

This is why a Pre-Listing Presentation is an essential must have and must use tool.

Here is what you ought to include in your pre-listing package.

1. Pre-Listing Presentation

Always drop off your pre-listing presentation package at least 2 or 3 days before the actual listing presentation appointment.

2. Testimony Presentation

Make sure you have a testimony presentation. Have at least 5 testimonies in your testimony presentation. Include it in your pre-listing presentation package.

3. Buyer List

Have your Targeted List of MLS Buyers prepared. Include a separate insert for each buyer. Also include a picture of the home where the buyer is now living.

4. The 30 Day Marketing Plan

Always include a summary page of your 30 day marketing plan within your pre-listing presentation package.

5. Listing Website

Also create a listing website for your potential new listing client. At the very least have a copy of your listing sites of previous clientele for your seller to view.

6. Public Open House Plan

There's more to an open house than simply putting up a few open house signs on the day of the open house. Always include your detailed open house marketing plan within your pre-listing package.

7. Office Open House

Once again provide details of your office open house to the seller in the pre-listing package.

8. Agent Open House

Simply a must for the seller. The seller wants to know you will be promoting their home to other MLS agents. Therefore have a detailed MLS agent open house plan included with the pre-listing package.

9. MLS Listing Agreement

It is always a good idea to include a copy of the MLS listing agreement the seller must sign. By including it in your pre-listing package you are giving the seller the opportunity to get familiar with the agreement.

10. Offer Agreement Forms

This simply sends the right message to the seller about your commitment to sell his/her home. Include this within your pre-listing package.

11. Recent Market News

It is always a good idea to give 'local' news about the local real estate market to the seller. This prepares the seller for intelligent conversation. Include this within your pre-listing package.

12. Sales Statistics

Once again it informs the seller of the market prior to your arrival. Your data should include past sales, expired sales and current competition. Include this within your pre-listing package.

13. Broker Letter

Ask your Broker to give you an 'official letter' from him/her and include it within your pre-listing package. The letter should state service terms and service guarantees.

14. Company Overview

The seller needs to have confidence in your company's track record of successful sales. Therefore give the seller this information by including it within your pre-listing package.

15. Your Personal Guarantee

Sellers also want to know they are placing their homes into the hands of an agent who is going to follow through on their various promises. Include this within your pre-listing package.

16. Stay-In-Touch Service During Listing Term

Feedback during the listing term is definitely something a seller wants and values. For this reason you will want to outline your service plan by letting your seller know exactly how you will keep him/her up-to-date during the listing term. Include this within your pre-listing package.

17. Internet Marketing

Give the seller a detailed outline on how you will market his/her home online. Include this within your pre-listing package.

18. Your Integrated IDX Website

Sellers look at homes online for 6 to 12 months before inviting an agent over to list. For this reason you ought to include your IDX website in your pre-listing presentation. This way you are giving your sellers direct access to all MLS listings and you are doing so via your own IDX site. This increases the likelihood of getting the listing.

Tip 3: Prepare CMA For The Listing Appointment.

prepare the CMA (listing presentation tip 3)

You want to have a CMA that starts with an executive summary and then provides the details of that summary to the seller.

Just don't take it for granted that a seller knows what a CMA is.

You must explain why professionals use a CMA.

And you must show the benefits the seller receives through the use of a CMA.

The following is a must include within your CMA strategy.

#1. Pictures of competitive homes with home details.

#2. Expired listings.

#3. Price reductions of competitive homes.

#4. Sold properties.

#5. Opinion of market value range.

Tip 4: Prepare Yourself For Arrival

prepare for yourself (listing presentation tip 4)

Simply do not jump in your car and head on over to the appointment.

Rather take this time to prepare yourself for victory.

As you know you must win the listing to earn income.

Because coming in 2nd does not pay you a dime.

Here are a few suggestions.

#1. On your way to the home listen to motivational music or coaching.

#2. Arrive 15 minutes early to view the curb appeal of the home and to take notes on it to discuss with the seller.

#3. If you have software that allows you to instantly create a listing website... do so in your car before you knock on the front door.

#4. If a competitor is on the same street take a look at that home as well and if necessary... take pictures too.

#5. Before getting out of your car prepare yourself. Double check your appearance and grab your breath mints.

#6. Make sure you are in a happy mood and your mind is in the state of peak performance.

Tip 5: When You're At The Seller's Front Door.

what to do at the door (listing presentation tip 5)

Sales experts suggest 70% of a person's decision to do business with you is based upon the perception they have when first meeting you. Therefore you must have a 'perception plan' when first meeting the seller at the front door.

#1. When meeting seller at door say something positive about the curb appeal or landscaping.

#2. Then present your gifts... such as flowers, coffee or chocolates.

#3. When inside... ask seller if you can tour the home.

#4. During tour ask seller to highlight what are the main features and benefits of the home.

#5. Ask seller during tour if any improvements have been made and if so what are they and when were they made.

#6. During tour ask seller why he/she is moving.

#7. During tour ask seller if they have ever sold before.

#8. After tour go to kitchen table and prepare yourself for the listing presentation.

Tip 6: Your Listing Presentation Checklist.

your presentation (listing presentation tip 6) If you think you can 'wing it' without a listing presentation then you have just significantly increased your odds at failure.

There are many reasons why wealthy agents use a listing presentation... with the #1 reason being perception and the #2 reason being control of the listing appointment itself.

Here are a few ideas about what the listing presentation discussion flow;

01. Your listing presentation is in full color.

02. Focus on the Targeted List of Buyers.

03. Focus on solds.

04. Focus on days on market before sold.

05. Highlight expired listings.

06. Show how many days before expired.

07. Show net sales price after deductions.

08. Include a letter from your Broker.

09. Display your current listings.

10. Testimonies a must.

11. Listings under contract.

12. Current market data.

13. Market absorption analysis.

14. Samples of Just Listed and Just Sold marketing.

15. Your Internet marketing plan.

16. Your 'share the listing with other agents' marketing plan.

17. Your personal designations, recognitions and awards.

18. Newspaper articles about you.

19. CMA (comparative market analysis).

20. Pricing presentation.

21. Staging strategy.

22. In-House selling display cards.

23. Open House strategy.

24. Sign strategy.

25. Update listing strategy.

26. Open house for office and MLS agents.

27. Business marketing strategy.

28. Seller assisted marketing efforts.

29. Communication with seller plan.

30. Feedback after showings plan.

31. Google & Facebook marketing plan.

Tip 7: Be The Listing Presentation Champion.

win the listing appointment (listing presentation tip 7)

As you know... if you list, you last!

We all know just how important listings are to our incomes.

By applying the above strategies you will be giving yourself the absolute advantage when on listing appointments.

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