How To Create An Effective Listing Presentation That Wins Listings

Agents Learn How You Can Create A Listing Presentation That's Effective & Wins More Listings.

An effective listing presentation is one built upon the solid foundation called strategy. You must keep strategy in mind when you are creating a listing presentation. In this article 'how to create a listing presentation that wins listings' we will outline the best strategy to use when you create your listing presentation. By creating a presentation with content focused upon this strategy... you'll have the most effective presentation & significantly increase your odds of 'winning the listing' on listing appointments.

Part 1 - Getting Started..

Part 1 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Getting Started

how to write a listing presentation

Your Listing Presentation Is Your Resume!

A listing appointment is an interview to represent a homeowner who wants to sell a home. Your listing presentation can be likened to a resume. It outlines your strengthens, talents, strategies, experience, and more. Many agents think they can explain all this to a seller without using a listing presentation. But the best approach is to be prepared for the interview in the same manner you would be for a job interview.

The best listing agents prefer to use a MS PowerPoint presentation. MS PowerPoint allows you to use slide decks, visual aids, professional photography, charts, and graphs to customize your presentation.

mls powerpoint

MS PowerPoint

Your Listing Presentation Must Be Editable & Customizable.

listing presentation must be written using MS PowerPoint

Creating the ideal real estate listing presentation starts with Microsoft PowerPoint.

There is no point in trying to create your presentation as a listing presentation PDF or most other file formats other than Microsoft PowerPoint. As PDF files and most other formats cannot be properly or easily edited. Thanks to MS PowerPoint you will be able to bring in the right data. Also there is more to a listing presentation package than just a CMA. A CMA is not a listing presentation. It is but one component of a listing presentation package.

strategy first... design later

Strategy First... Design Later

Creating A Winning Listing Presentation Depends On The Right Strategy.

create your presentation strategy first & presentation design later

Most agents don't know how to create a listing presentations that wins listings. There's more to an effective listing presentation than just a pretty design. Yes your presentation design must be professional and present the right impression to the seller. But what is most important is the listing presentation 'content'. This requires you to develop a winning strategy when creating your presentation. Once you have your strategy defined then you'll want to create content based on that strategy.

Said another way; design alone will not make a listing presentation effective but rather 'Strategic Content' will.

listing presentation strategy analysis

Listing Presentation Strategy Analysis

How To Develop A Winning Strategy When Creating Your Listing Presentation.

your listing presentation content must give you the advantage

You definitely want your listing presentation to give you the competitive advantage. It is strategy that gives you this advantage. However, strategy is where most listing presentations fall short. The typical agent listing presentation lacks where it counts most to a seller and that is buyers. Homeowners list with a real estate company because they want a buyer. If they had a buyer they certainly would have no need to list with an agent. An effective real estate listing presentation is one that is built upon the acquisition of a buyer. Simply said... your listing presentation content must be buyer focused. Specifically you want a listing presentation that absolutely proves you are a buyer expert. This and alone will give you the competitive advantage.

Part 2 - Listing Presentation Checklist

Part 2 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Listing Presentation Checklist

listing presentation checklist

You Must Prove You're The Best!

Now that the best strategy has been identified... you are able to create effective presentation content.

What is required before we start writing the content is a real estate listing presentation checklist.

Top 8 Listing Presentation Checklist Points For Winning Listing Appointments

Part 3 - Strategic Sectional Design

Part 3 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Strategic Sectional Design

listing presentation must have several unique sections

Section Design of A Listing Presentation

Before you create the content of your listing presentation you must first design the sections within it to guarantee it is effective in terms of persuading the seller to choose you.

This will require you to understand how to design the listing presentation itself.

In Part 3 of 'how to create a real estate listing presentation' we will discuss sectional design.

sectional design

Listing Presentation Sectional Design

A Thoughtful Design Is Your First Step To Creating An Effective Presentation.

proper listing presentation layout and design

To present your strategy effectively two sections are required within your listing presentation. (We recommend you have no more than two sections.)

  • In section 1 is where you want to prove you are unique, competent and trustworthy.
  • In section 2 is where you want to outline your marketing plan, service guarantee, CMA pricing plan and staging plan.

By designing your listing presentation with these two sections you will communicate your professionalism in a way that makes it easier for your sellers to understand your home selling strategies. Plus your sellers will recognize you are knowledgeable and consider you to be an agent they can depend upon to sell the home.

example of a listing presentation with effective sectional design

Example Of A Sectional Listing Presentation.

This example demonstrates how to outline your listing presentation.

In Section 1 is where you prove you are unique, competent and trustworthy... In Section 2 is where you outline your Strategic Home Selling Plan...

We also recommend your listing presentation begin with this slide example. It informs the seller of the discussion flow pertaining to your Strategic Home Selling Plan. And it nicely divides the conversation into their appropriate sections. If you take note of this listing presentation slide example you can see many exceptional 'confidence messages' that are offered to the seller. The slide itself starts with... 'Our Game Plan For Success'. Then we have the 2 sections proclaiming loud and clear you are an agent of excellent. And lastly... the overall layout informs the seller you are committed and dedicated to their success.

section 1 discussion

Discussion On Section 1 Within A Listing Presentation

The purpose of Section 1.

listing presentation section 1 purpose

The purpose of section 1 of a listing presentation is to win the confidence of the seller. This is accomplished through 4 specific sub-sections.

1. About Me
2. About My Company
3. Client Testimonies
4. Yes I Have Access To Buyers

listing presentation purpose is to prove you are unique, competent and trustworthy

What To Include In Section 1 of A Listing Presentation.

The purpose of each sub-section within section 1 is to prove to the seller you are unique, competent and trustworthy. This wins the confidence of the seller. It is critical you win the confidence of the seller before you begin section 2 and the discussion of your Strategic Home Selling Plan.

Later in this listing presentation article we will discuss each of these 4 important points. We call your attention to Section 1 Part D: Yes I Have Access To Buyers. It is in this point where you produce a list of buyers for the seller. You then explain to the seller how you developed this list and what you do to promote the home to this list of buyers.

win the listing before you begin

Win Before You Begin!

It Is Essential To Win The Seller's Confidence First.

listing presentation section 1 purpose is to prove you are the best agent

The #1 mistake agent's make is to discuss their marketing plans before they have gained the confidence of the seller. This happens because agents are not aware how important seller confidence is within the listing appointment. This is why you want to have your listing presentation divided into two sections. It is in section 1 where you can focus your time on gaining the seller's confidence. At the conclusion of section one the seller will agree you are an agent of excellence. When the seller has... it is at that very moment in time that you have actually won the listing. Only then do you move into Section 2 to discuss your plan for selling the home.

listing presentation section 1 and section 2 strategy purpose

The Strategic Purpose of The Two Sections

The Goal of Section 1:
To prove to the seller you are unique, competent and trustworthy. The seller will decide to list with you at the conclusion of section 1. By list we do not mean they will sign the listing agreement at this point. Rather the seller will recognize you to be an agent of excellence. This translates into a seller who 'feels safe and secure' about you and your home selling abilities. You actually win the listing at th conclusion of Section 1 before you even begin Section 2.

The Goal of Section 2:
Simply stated... to have the seller sign the listing agreement. This is accomplished by way of your Strategic Home Selling Plan.

section 2 discussion

Discussion On Section 2 Within A Listing Presentation

The purpose of Section 2

listing presentation section 2 purpose is to have the seller sign the listing agreement

The purpose of section 2 is to have the seller sign the listing agreement. This is accomplished through 4 specific sub-sections.

1. Marketing Plan
2. Service Guarantee
3. Pricing Plan (CMA)
4. Staging Plan

listing presentation section 2 purpose is to have the seller sign the listing

What To Include In Section 2 of A Listing Presentation.

The purpose of each sub-section is to show the seller your Strategic Home Selling Plan. This wins the seller's agreement to list.

1. Marketing Plan
2. Service Guarantee
3. Pricing Plan
4. Staging Plan

Part 4 - How To Create Winning Presentation Content

Part 4 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Writing Winning Content

what to say in your listing presentation

What To Say In The Listing Presentation!

There are 8 essential components within a well written listing presentation.

In Part 4 of 'how to create an effective listing presentation' we will discuss the 8 components to ensure you include each within your custom listing presentation.

listing presentation overview

Start With Short Overview of Yourself

Here Is What We Recommend.

the 'about me' listing presentation

Begin your listing presentation with an overview page outlining what you will discuss during the listing appointment.

Then provide an estimate on how long the presentation will take.

We recommend you have an 'About Me!' sub-section within Section 1 of your listing presentation.

Give A Brief Introduction Of Your Skills...

Include the following;

  • Years of Experience.
  • Education
  • Awards
  • How many homes you sell each year.
  • Images of the homes you have sold.
  • Average sale time of the homes you have sold.
  • How close to list price are the sales.
  • Your client philosophy.
  • Your Service Guarantee Statement.
ERA listing presentation 'about me' page

Example of An 'About Me!' Slide from the ERA Listing Presentation

Sellers prefer to list with agents who can demonstrate a successful track record. This is the main purpose for an 'About Me!" page. But you also want to include each of the following;

1. Client Philosophy

2. Professional Designations

3. Sales awards.

4. Public recognition such as newspaper articles about yourself.

client questions

Client Questions

Here Is What To Ask.

client questions in a listing presentation

Questions are good things to ask your seller. It is important to take notes of their answers. This is why we recommend you do what professionals like lawyers do... use a file folder. Then place the name of the client on the folder and put your notes inside the folder when you are done asking the questions. This process makes a lasting and positive impression upon your seller. Specifically it informs the seller you are an organized and experienced agent.

Example of Questions To Ask

  • Why are you moving?
  • Where are you moving to?
  • Have you already found a home there?
  • Is getting a good price or timing more important for you?
  • What will you do if your home doesn't sell?
  • What are you looking for in a listing agent?
  • How much is left on your mortgage?
  • Are there any liens on the property?
  • Are there any issues with the home that we won't see today?
  • What will it take to do business with me tonight?
  • Are you looking for any 'unique' skills in an agent? If so, what are those skills/
  • Are your interviewing other agents?
  • Do you have a set price in mind for your home?

Example of A Question Presentation

Safe Island question and answer presentation for use within a listing presentation

The above questions require you to use what is called a 'Safe Island' presentation. It keeps you organized and provides to you an easy way to ask the questions and record the answers. The answers to these listing presentation questions helps you to understand your client. Based upon their answers... you can stress the more important sections of the listing presentation as you continue your conversation with the seller.

Another benefit of using a 'Safe Island' presentation is it allows you to easily gather 2 pieces of information that are critical for you to have before you begin Section 2 of the listing presentation. With these 2 pieces of information you will be better able to persuade the seller to price right once you being your CMA pricing discussions.

about my company

About Your Company

Be Very Detailed.

about my company page in a listing presentation

Although sellers focus on the agent in terms of making the final listing decision, you can certainly help yourself by providing detailed information about your real estate company. Your company ought to be able to provide you with a list of consumer benefits. You'll want to explain to your seller why signing with your company provides an advantage.

For Larger Real Estate Companies.

If you are with a large company such as RE/MAX or Keller Williams... focus on the number of agents and the number of sales your company does both locally and nationally.

For Smaller Real Estate Companies.

For smaller companies, often called boutique firms, emphasize benefits such as local knowledge, dedicated personal service and easy to reach availability. In other words, they are just not another listing for sale but rather you treat them with specialized service.

Letter From Your Broker.

You should also have a letter from your Broker outlining the benefits your seller can expect and how easy it is to reach the Broker should the seller have additional service questions.

Exit listing presentation 'about my company' page

Example of An 'About My Company!' Slide from the EXIT Realty Listing Presentation.

Many sellers desire to list with a real estate company with a proven track record. This is what you want your 'About My Company' slide say within your listing presentation. It is at this time during the listing presentation where you give to the seller the letter from your Broker.

We also recommend Broker Client Meetings. These are meetings that happen monthly. At these meetings you clients get to meet your Broker and also hear the vision of your company. This meeting goes a long way in helping you to build a referral based business.

prove you have MLS buyers

Provide Proof You Have Access To MLS Buyers!

Most agents cannot prove they have buyers.

May we ask you a couple of questions?

  • Have you received any training on the MLS itself?
  • Do you understand why they invented the MLS board?

listing presentation how to prove you have buyers

If you are like most agents the answer is either very little or none at all. But were you aware the MLS was actually invented to help you locate buyers for your listing appointments? The buyers you can get off your MLS board are MLS Buyers.

  • Do you know what the MLS Hotsheets are?
  • Do you use the MLS Hotsheets when on a listing appointment?
  • Watch the video below to learn more..

How To Use The MLS Board To Find Buyers For Your Sellers

listing marketing plan

Your Marketing Plan

When Creating Your Listing Presentation You Must Include A Marketing Plan

marketing plan within a listing presentation

Your Marketing Plan is what seals the deal. It simply must impress the seller. When you create a listing presentation you must include a 'marketing plan' in an easy to present 12 step sequence. The goal of each step is to discuss a specific benefit important to the seller. Your Marketing Plan should start with an overview of the 12 steps. Below is an example of a well crafted Marketing Plan summary. (You should use something similar when creating your listing presentation.)

royal lepage listing presentation marketing plan

Example of A 'Marketing Plan' Slide from the Royal LePage Listing Presentation

This is an example of the introduction to a Marketing Plan found within a listing presentation. It provides an executive summary of the 12 specific benefits you will discuss with the seller. The overall strategy of the Marketing Plan are buyers. In each of the 12 points recommendations are offered to the seller to make it easier for a buyer to put an offer on the home. The strategy concept is to demonstrate to the seller you are indeed a buyer expert. By positioning yourself as an authority when it comes to buyer acquisition, you prove you are a superior agent. This translates into seller trust and confidence in you as a real estate professional.

your service guarantee

Your Service Guarantee!

An Agent Is Only As Good As Their Word - Include A Service Guarantee When Creating Your Presentation.

listing presentation service guarantee for a seller

Consumers demand professionals to honor their services. This is especially true when it comes to selling a home. Another consideration is the reputation of the real estate industry itself. As you are aware... it is not the best. This is why sellers are cautious when it comes to agent selection. They simply want an agent who will do exactly what has been promised. This is the purpose of a Service Guarantee. It is your opportunity to prove you are an agent of integrity... an agent who does what has been promised.

Remember... never underestimate the seller's desire to have your service guaranteed in writing. This an important part of your listing appointment presentation and is crucial for gaining the seller's trust.

century 21 example of a listing presentation service guarantee

Example Service Guarantee from the Century 21 Listing Presentation

Your listing presentation ought to include a page summarizing your service guarantee. As for the service guarantee itself you will have it as a separate document. We recommend your final draft of your service guarantee include an area where both you and the seller sign the document. The benefit in doing so is significant. Also... throughout the listing term you will want to refer to the specific promises you have already fulfilled as outlined in your service guarantee. This proves you are working hard to sell the home.

We recommend a weekly sale update progress report be presented to the seller. This keeps the seller informed as to the sale itself. It also serves well with respect to seller referrals.

cma pricing plan

Your CMA Pricing Plan

There's No Point In Taking An Overpriced Listing.

listing presentation cma discussion

Congratulations you have arrived at the CMA point within the listing presentation. It is the crux of your pricing strategy. The key to encouraging a seller to price at market value is to educate the seller on how price is determined. Include in your price discussions elements such as square footage, updates, number of bedrooms, etc. as compared to recently sold properties in the neighborhood.

Keller Williams listing presentation CMA slide example

Keller Williams Listing Presentation Example of A 'CMA Discussion!' Slide

Never take it for granted that a seller understands how price is determined. In this KW listing presentation example, the seller is given a full explanation of what a CMA is and the three factors it includes to determine the asking price of a home.

1. Similar Homes Recently Sold
2. Similar Homes Now For Sale
3. Expired Listings (Homes that did not sell).

your staging plan

Your Staging Plan!

Preparing The Home For Buyer Showings!

listing presentation how staging helps a home sell faster

Many sellers do not fully appreciate 'how and what' buyers actually buy when out shopping for a home. The most powerful influence any seller can make upon a buyer is by way of decor. This is why an effective real estate listing presentation must discuss home staging with the seller. By doing so you will be giving the seller an incredible advantage over the competition.

listing presentation how to stage a home

Listing Presentation Example of A 'Staging Impact Discussion!' Slide

This is one of the most powerful slides within an effective listing presentation. It explains to the seller how price and home showing condition impacts the sale. It informs the seller of the benefits to be enjoyed through proper pricing and staging.

1. Overpriced But Showable
2. Priced Right But Not Showable
3. Overpriced & Not Showable
4. Priced Right & Showable

Part 5 - 12 Reasons Why To List With Me!

Part 5 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - 12 Reasons Why To List With Me!

listing presentation marketing plan discussion

Listing Presentation Marketing Plan

In Part 5 of this 'how to create a listing presentation' training article we will discuss the '12 Reasons Why' content found within an effective listing presentation.

your selling goals

Your Selling Goals!

Helping a seller to understand their selling goals.

listing presentation: Reason 1: a seller's goals for selling

Reason 1 informs the seller of their top 3 selling goals.

1. Maximum Price

2. Quick Sale

3. Problem Free

We then explain each of the goals to the seller and conclude by asking if they have any additional goals they want added to their sale. The reason why we want to start the Marketing Plan with this slide is most sellers do not have clearly defined goals for selling. By highlighting these goals selling clarity results.

buyer showings

Helping You To Ready Your Home For Buyers!

Informing the seller on how to achieve showroom shine.

listing presentation: Reason 2: example of a slide on preparing the home for buyers

Reason 2 informs the seller you will help them make their home more attractive to buyers.

1. Through your proven experience.

2. Then an example of that experience.

Reason 2 is all about the interior of the home. We want the seller to do specific events within the home to ready the home for showings. We desire the seller to understand what is important to buyers and then implement our recommendations so that the home has the highest possible level of showing effectiveness.

inside home preparation

Inside Home Preparation

Two Time-Tested & Proven Solutions.

listing presentation: Reason 3: adding benefit brochures and cards in the home

Reason 3 informs the seller of '2 time-tested & proven strategies' for winning a buyer.

1. Benefit Display Brochures

2. Benefit Display Cards

We then explain each why we use these two strategies and how the seller benefits through he use of these two strategies. We also request the seller help us to create these two strategies. Their input is absolutely essential because they know their homes much better than does the listing agents.

When a seller agrees to help you with these 2 strategies it is a positive sign they intend to list with you.

open houses, newspaper ads and Internet advertising

Marketing The Home Itself!

Helping the seller to understand promotion effectiveness.

example of a Listing presentation slide discussing why agents do open houses, newspaper ads and Internet advertising

Reason 4 informs the seller of the effectiveness of certain promotional activities agents perform.

1. Open House

2. Newspaper Advertising

3. Online Advertising

The purpose of this discussion is to inform the seller on the effectiveness of each activity in terms of producing results. We then direct them to the power of the MLS Board itself and explain why it is the most effective strategy for finding a buyer.

listings on the Internet

Marketing Home On The Big Internet

Helping a seller to understand how buyers & sellers use the Internet.

example of a Listing presentation slide discussing Internet marketing of a listing.

Reason 5 informs the seller of Internet marketing for their home.

1. Buyers: Use Internet for 8 to 12 weeks before buying a home.

2. Sellers: Use Internet for 6 to 12 months before listing a home.

Buyer Disclosure

We then explain that only 4% of buyers are actually found online.

The remaining 96% are found through the marketing efforts of MLS agents.

Dazzle Your Seller With A Brilliant Internet Marketing Plan!

Show your seller what you do online for your listings.... from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and everything else in-between. Make sure you include your full 'online presence' when creating your presentation, leave out nothing. Demonstrate to them in your listing presentation exactly how you are leveraging the Internet and using it to uncover leads. Also show them your photography. Show current listings and how awesome they look compared to ugly photos used by the less motivated agent. Hey... if you use a drone... bring it with you.

marketing a listing on a SmartPhone.

Marketing The Home On The Small Internet

Helping a seller to understand how to effectively use the SmartPhone when selling.

example of a Listing presentation slide discussing how an agent uses a SmartPhone to market a listing

Reason 6 informs the seller how you'll use a SmartPhone to market their home.

1. Yard Sign
2. Online
3. In Car

We then outlines the benefits of each to the seller.

We also offer to the seller our Virtual Home Strategy. This strategy consists of multi-videos of the home which are placed on We explain how effective video marketing is when it comes to SmartPhone technology and SmartPhone usage by home buyers.

It's Time To Grab Your SmartPhone!

Show how your seller benefits from your SmartPhone strategies. Have a website ready to go with url in place. Then pretend you are a buyer driving up to the Yard Sign. Explain to the seller how the buyer can pull out their SmartPhone and gain instant access to their home. Show your seller every detail of the entire process. Conclude by showing the seller how the buyer can reach out to you the agent with a simple 'touch' of a button to give you either a call or text message about wanting to view the home.

how to qualify a buyer

Qualify The Buyer

Helping a seller to understand the 5 types of home buyers

example of a Listing presentation slide discussing how an agent qualifies a buyer

Reason 7 informs the seller of the 5 buyer types.

1. Never Buy Buyer
2. Not In A Hurry Buyer
3. Bargain Basement Buyer
4. Not Prepared But Serious Buyer
5. Pre-Approved Serious Qualified Buyer

We then discuss with the seller why buyer type 5 is the best buyer. We then explain how we target type 5 buyers.

Prove You Will Not Allow A Buyer To Waste Their Time!

No seller likes to vacate their home for a showing only to learn later the buyer was not qualified to even buy a home. This listing presentation slide proves you know the business inside and out. It sets the seller at ease by reducing the stress associated with home showings. This is a slide you will want to discuss with your seller. It quickly informs the seller of your desire to reduce unpleasant showings.

how to negotiate with buyers

Negotiating With The Buyer

Helping a seller to maximize price.

example of a Listing presentation slide discussing how agents negotiate with home buyers on behalf of sellers

Reason 8 explains why agents are in the best position to negotiate for the seller with the buyer.

1. An agent is an independent 3rd party to the sale.

2. An agent will not become emotionally involved and lose perspective.

3. An agent works for the seller and will represent the seller to the highest standard possible.

It is critical to your success that you position yourself an a negotiation expert. If you recall the 'Google Survey of Sellers', negotiation is one of their top 3 concerns. This slide within the Marketing Plan effectively resolves that seller concern.

buyer with financing

Helping The Buyer With Financing

Helping the buyer stay in the deal when financing issues arise.

example of a Listing presentation slide discussing how agents help buyers with financing

Reason 9 informs the seller how you may be able to resolve last minute buyer financing issues.

1. You can source out additional sources of lenders.

2. You can source out private lenders.

It's important to remind the seller 87% of all closing related problems are last minute financing issues. You may want to provide a list of lenders you look towards when trying to resolve buyer mortgage problems. Such a list confirms your status as an agent of excellence.

keeping the buyer in the deal

Keeping The Buyer

Helping the buyer through remorse.

listing presentation slide discussing how agents keep buyers in a deal

Reason 10 informs the seller a buyer may feel remorse after agreeing to buy the home.

1. When this happens you contact the buyer's agent.

2. You then prepare a new CMA.

3. You then meet with the buyer and his agent to prove the investment is sound.

This slide of the seller listing presentation lets the seller know you are 'there for them' and you are 'willing' to do whatever it takes to close the sale. It speaks of you going beyond the extra mile... proving you are dedicated to their sale.

keep sellers informed on the progress

Your Stay Informed & Up-To-Date Plan

Helping the seller to always know the progress of the sale.

listing presentation slide discussing how agents keep sellers informed on the progress of the sale.

Reason 11 is how an agent keeps a seller informed on the sale of the home.

1. After each showing.

2. Hotsheet updates.

3. Weekly updates.

4. Market updates.

Plus you confirm once again that you put your promises on paper. You prove yet again you are an agent committed to their sale. This only increases your odds of winning the listing.

determine the best asking price

Best Asking Price

Helping a seller to price their home for maximum profit.

listing presentation slide discussing how agents help sellers to determine the best asking price for their homes

Reason 12 is about pricing a home to sell quickly.

1. Best price.

2. CMA explanation.

3. CMA presentation.

Most sellers are well acquainted with the current value of their homes. A pricing presentation offers a pricing range to sellers. An experienced agent will ask a seller where they want to be within the identified price range... low, mid or high. Based upon the seller's answer you price the listing appropriately.

Part 6 - Other Listing Presentation Slides To Include

Part 6 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Other Presentation Slides To Include

In Part 6 of this listing presentation article we will discuss a sampling of other slides to include in a listing presentation.

a pre-listing presentation

A Pre-Listing Presentation

Sent two or three days before the date of the listing appointment.

pre-listing presentation for real estate listing appointment.

Perhaps the most important presentation you can give to the seller.

1. Introduces you to the seller.

2. Sets the stage for a successful listing appointment.

3. Provides an effective ice-breaker conversation when first sitting down with the seller at the kitchen table.

How To Make Your Pre-Listing Presentation Effective.

  • Keep it as simple as you can.
  • Keep it to no more than 10 pages
  • Use larger font size... at least 20 pixels.
  • Use client testimonies as they confirm you are a proven professional.

You Must Know The Competitive Landscape.

  • 87% of home sellers interview at least 2 agents.
  • This means you must be well known within your neighborhoods.
  • Sellers invite in the most known agents in their neighborhoods.

What Should You Included In Your Pre-Listing Presentation?

1. A pre-listing presentation empowers you to get your proven Strategic Home Selling Plan into the hands of sellers before they even talk to other agents. This places you ahead of your competition.

2. You are able to quickly communicate your proven experience and provide reasons why sellers should hire you over the competition.

3. You can include sensitive information about price, competition, market conditions before meeting the seller face-to-face. This allows the seller time to fully absorb the relevant information.

4. The pre-listing presentation sets the stage for your arrival & the listing presentation discussion. In other words... the seller is ready to do business.

internet strategy slide

Internet Strategy For Selling A Home

How to be use the Internet when selling a home.

example of an Internet marketing slide within a listing presentation

This slide shows the Internet strategy to use when selling the home.

1. Displays all sites where a listing is promoted.

2. Includes your real estate company's website.

3. Includes your own IDX empowered agent website.

Disclosure of Internet Marketing Effectiveness When Selling A Home.

Many sellers have an opinion of the effectiveness of the Internet to uncover a buyer that is not based upon real facts. They hold this opinion because they have either read, or an agent has told them, that as high as 98% of home buyers use the Internet when searching for a home. Now this statistic may be accurate yet it is misleading in that only 10% of home buyers actually can be traced to have started and found their home online. This means 90% of home buyers are NOT found online but rather through the collective advertising and marketing efforts of all agents on the MLS board.

listing price points slide

The 3 Market Price Points

Seller can price based upon market price definitions.

example of marketing pricing options within a listing presentation

A seller has three options in terms of setting a list price.

1. Above Market Value
2. Fair Market Value
3. Below Market Value

Which Price Option Best Matches The Seller's Needs?

This is the question you want to ask your sellers. The majority of sellers will answer with 'fair' market value. This means you will have a listing that is priced right and priced to sell within a reasonable amount of time. You absolutely want a slide within your listing presentation that offers to you the agent this pricing benefit.

price is hot presentation

Price It Hot Presentation

Benefits of pricing a home at slightly below fair market value.

price it hot presentation for a listing appointment.

The 'Price It Hot' Pricing Presentation encourages a seller to price competitively.

1. Consideration is given of the competitive landscape.

2. Seller purposely prices in middle of the competitive landscape.

3. Results in more showings, perhaps multiple offers and faster sales.

The 'Guaranteed To Win' listing presentation includes the 'Price It Hot' pricing presentation.

price is right presentation

Price It Right Presentation

Benefits of pricing a home exactly at fair market value.

price it right presentation for a listing presentation

The 'Price It Right' Pricing Presentation encourages a seller to price at fair market value.

1. Avoids overprice problems.

2. Explains the benefits of fair market pricing.

3. Home sells within a reasonable amount of time.

The 'Guaranteed To Win' listing presentation includes the 'Price It Right' pricing presentation.

mls listing strategy

MLS Strategy Presentation

How to take advantage of the MLS for a seller.

how to take advantage of the MSL for a seller within a listing presentation

Taking Advantage of the MLS is how to provide superior service to a seller.

1. There's more to the MLS than simply placing a listing on it.

2. You can also use the MLS to produce a list of buyers for your sellers.

3. Presentation provides the details on how to use the MLS to the benefit of a seller.

The 'Guaranteed To Win' listing presentation includes the 'MLS Strategy' presentation.

listing offer presentation

Offer Presentation

For use when presenting an offer to a seller.

example of an offer presentation used on a listing appointment.

The most effective strategy to use when presenting offers to sellers.

1. Gives agent total control of the offer process.

2. Eliminates offer stalls and objections.

3. Focus seller on what matters most... the price of the offer.

The 'Guaranteed To Win' listing presentation includes the listing offer presentation.

Part 7 - Research For A Listing Presentation

Part 7 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Research For A Listing Presentation

research your facts

Gather Every Fact

Be prepared... Be Organized for the listing presentation.

what to bring to a listing appointment

The more you know about the seller the greater are your odds of winning the listing. This is why you want to be prepared for the listing appointment by gathering all the facts. When you book the listing appointment ask questions about the reasons they are selling and also gather these documents.

1. Why are you selling?

2. Get the tax records.

3. Get the mortgage information.

4. When was the last time the property sold?

5. When was the last time the property was listed for sale.

6. Are there any outstanding liens?

7. Drive by the home to take an exterior photo for the listing website you will give the seller.

8. Ask them how many agents they are interviewing for the listing.

9. Ask about recent renovations.

10. Ask their opinion of the neighborhood.

11. Ask if they ever sold a home in the past.

12. Ask what they expect from an agent.

mls buyer list

Have Your Buyer List Ready

Be prepared... be organized for the listing presentation.

bring a list of buyers to a listing appointment

One of the reasons why the MLS board was invented is to empower you to create a list of buyers for your listing appointments.

1. Have at least 20 MLS buyers.

2. Included the listing cut sheets.

3. Include 2 copies of the MLS board Hotsheets.

mls board hotsheet

Have Your MLS Hotsheets Ready

Bring two copies of current hotsheets with you.

have at least 2 copies of the hotsheets with you when on a listing appointment.

Have you attended MLS training? If not, you are not alone. Only 4% of agents understand how to produce a list of MLS buyers off their MLS boards. In fact, what you are selling to a homeowner when you are on a listing appointment is the MLS itself. You are offering the seller access unto the MLS. So in essence you are a MLS salesperson.

After all, the MLS is what you are offering to sellers. And it makes sense for you to know the benefits of the MLS and how to use these benefits when with your seller. You want to use an effective listing presentation... one that includes a subsection on MLS buyers. Plus you want to incorporate the MLS Hotsheets into your listing presentation.

listing presentation slide discussing mls buyers

Example of a MLS Buyer Slide Within A Listing Presentation

This listing presentation slide introduces the MLS Buyer list to the seller.

1. How the mls buyer list was developed.

2. Why it is important to the sale.

3. How an agent partners with the MLS board to know when a MLS Buyer is ready to buy.

the home sales process

Explain The Sales Process

Sellers are not completely aware of how the entire process works.

explain the home sales your listing presentation must always explain the home selling process to your seller

Process Is Another Word For Stress.

Selling a home is a very stressful event for a seller. This is why an explanation of how the sales process works can be extremely useful. Explaining the process reduces the stress and helps the seller understand you Home Selling Strategy. The more homeowners know what happens behind the scenes, the more you can connect the value of hiring the right agent.

Areas to focus on in your listing presentation content might include:

  • How the MLS really works.
  • How you use the MLS to create a list of targeted buyers.
  • How the condition of the home impacts price and showings.
  • What dual agency really means.
  • The closing process.
  • The offer process.
  • The home inspection process.
  • The home appraisal process.
  • The financing release process.
  • What happens at the closing table.
  • Why buyers want a deal.
  • How you stay in touch during the sale.
  • How you quarterback the home to other MLS agents.
  • How professional photos help sell the home.
  • How staging a home often causes a quicker sale.
  • How a virtual tours can increase showings.
  • How drone photos and videos impact the sale.
  • Why you send out Just Listed postcards to the homes closest to the new listing.
  • Explain your open house strategy.
incorporate local housing data

Incorporate Local Housing Data

Make this data specific to their neighborhood and home.

always include local housing information in your listing presentation

When creating your real estate listing presentation, you should always include in your presentation important neighborhood figures such as number of home sales, average list price, average sold price, number of days on the market before selling and sold percentage to list price... basically, any information the seller can use to make a more informed listing decision.

Focus Mostly On Comparable Homes Sold Over The Past 12 Months

Try to include as many comparable homes as possible in your CMA. Double check to make sure these homes are as similar to your seller's home as possible to provide a solid CMA comparison.

Home characteristics to include:

  • Size (total number of rooms and square footage)
  • Features (in-ground pool, high ceilings, size of yard)
  • Pricing (both initial asking and final sales price)
  • Renovation (were any sold homes recently renovated)
  • Garage (size)
  • Location (where in neighborhood)
  • Year homes were built (compare to year listing appointment home was built)
CMA consideration within your listing presentation

CMA Considerations Within A Listing Presentation

Be more than price analytical... be market analytical too.

a cma within a listing presentation must be more than just black and white

Know Your Market

The better you know the seller's neighborhood... the more knowledgeable, professional and trusted you will appear. If possible, always include photos of the comparables, including upgraded appliances, swimming pools, garages, etc...

Toss All Extremes

Try to use median instead of averages. Averages include a mix of home prices that may not take into consideration the motivation of sellers and why they took the prices they accepted for their homes. By tossing out the extremes lows and highs you arrive at a better estimate of the median price of the home.

Focus Mostly On Neighborhood Listings

Try your best to choose comparables within the neighborhood. Inform the seller if you had to go outside the neighborhood due to a lack of current sales data. Discuss how by doing so may accidentally include increased or decreased value due to neighborhood location itself. You will want to take an average of homes in that neighborhood based upon square footage and compare it to homes in their own neighborhood to arrive at a more accurate price range.

Discuss Seasonality With The Seller

Yes seasonality impacts current market values. It is a known fact homes sell more often in spring as compared to winter months. Explain to the seller how this may impact the asking price for the home should the seller be selling outside the most active season of the year.

Part 8 - Arriving For The Listing Presentation

Part 8 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Arriving For The Listing Presentation.

The Top 5 Arrival Strategies

arriving at the front door

Arriving At The Front Door

Never come empty handed.

what to do and say when you arrive at the seller's front door

Were you aware a listing appointment is a social event as well as a business meeting? It is as much a social event as is a dinner at your friend's home. Speaking of dinner at your friend's home... would you arrive for dinner empty handed... without a gift to show appreciation to your friend for inviting you into the home?

Yet agents arrive at a seller's front door empty handed... without a gift of appreciation for the seller. Why do agents behave this way? They fail to realize a listing appointment is a social event. Your most important task when first meeting the seller is to show your appreciation. After all, the seller have extended you an awesome opportunity.

What gifts ought an agent to bring?

1. A bouquet of 12 roses.

2. Box of chocolates.

3. Coloring books for the kids or movie tickets if older.

entering the foyer

Entering The Foyer

The foyer is where you seize 'internal' control of the listing appointment.

what to do and say when you enter into the foyer of the seller's home

As you enter the home you also must have a plan to impress the seller about your experience. We recommend a foyer plan. If you lack a foyer plan then it means the seller is in control of the appointment. This is the last thing you want when on the appointment. The best strategy to use when in the foyer is to ask for a tour of the home. This gives you the time to build rapport with the seller. It also provides you an opportunity to gather more information you may need for the meeting. It also hands control of the listing appointment over to you.

entering the kitchen

Entering The Kitchen

Don't be in a rush to start your listing presentation!

what to do when you first sit down at the kitchen table with the seller

1. Start with your Pre-Listing Presentation. Ask the seller if they have any questions & then simply answer.

2. Then use your 'Safe Island' presentation. Discuss the questions and listen closely to the answers.

3. Then begin your listing presentation.

dress professional

Dress Professionally

Look your very best.

give consideration to how you look when doing a listing presentation

First Impressions Count The Most!

Take time to prepare yourself to look your best. You certainly want to look as professional as you can possible be as an agent. Remember... the seller is expecting a professional to arrive at the home. You must ultimately decide what works best for you.

Research Proves It Matters.

In real estate sales you only get one chance to win the listing. You certainly do not want to blow it by making a poor first impression. People are adept at uncovering the motivations of others through body language.

For example... in just a short 30 minute conversation between two people they can send more than 800 nonverbal signals to one another. Even if you are dressing and speaking eloquently, if your body language is poor you're not going to make a positive first impression.

Think About Your Ornaments.

Your clothes, jewelry, rings, watches, shoes and even your socks impact people. You may want to ask your Broker what he/she think when they see you. Never take their feedback personally. You want to know because you want to have a better and more powerful first impression. Make sure you give consideration to what you are wearing as it does impact your results. Be wise and discover what your 'look' is really saying to people about yourself.

you handshake matters

Your Handshake Really Does Matter

Never underestimate the revealing nature of your handshake.

your handshake grip ought to be in the middle when on a listing presentation appointment

Your Handshake Yells Loudly!

Few agents realize just how important their handshake is when on the listing appointment. By perfecting your handshake you can prove you are a seasoned professional. Watch how you extend your hand. A palm out reveals you are submissive. A vertical reveals you are equal to the person you are meeting. Be mindful of your fingernails. Do you have naturally sweaty hands? Also the grip of the handshake. Be in the middle it terms of grip strength. Yes your hands matter.

Part 9 - Listing Presentation Article Summary

Part 9 Of How To Create A Listing Presentation That Wins Listings - Article Summary

Valuing A Listing Presentation.

It is unfortunate many agents do not use an effective real estate listing presentation when on the listing appointment. They do so because they do not value the purpose of a listing presentation. It is hoped this article has increased your understanding of a listing presentation and why one is so important when you are on listing appointments.

If you enjoyed this 'how to create a listing presentation' article you may want to check out top listing presentation tips, 12 listing presentation steps to win the listing, or visit our listing presentation resources page.

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