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This remarkable listing presentation, along with its listing strategy, has been proven to work by agents from all across North America regardless of their experience or the company they happen to work for as an agent. Why does this presentation produce rapid results? Because it focuses upon what sellers desire most... a buyer! Why is this the focus of the presentation? Because a buyer is the #1 Motivational Hot Button of all sellers. When you prove to a seller that you really do have access to motivated buyers... that's when you win the listing.

Top Realtor Betty Prejzner Betty Prejzner of USA Realty writes...

I love the listing presentations, the best I've ever seen!

Lolo Clacher of Re/Max Lilo Clacher of RE/MAX Writes...

Since purchasing the RE/MAX listing presentation & putting it to full use, I have NEVER walked away from a listing appointment without the signed listing in my briefcase.

Top Agent Pilar Hamrick Agent Pilar Hamrick of Virtual Properties writes...

The listing presentation is the best investment I have ever made in my career. Thank you so much!

Top Agent Edee Franklin Edee Franklin of Max Broock Realtors writes...

Powerful material that actually works... all I had to do was flip the pages to get the listing!

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Betty Moore:
I am so thankful for the presentations. It gave me the step-by-step process of dealing with sellers who have limited knowledge about choosing an agent. So, it is a win win situation when I use one of the listing presentations.

Diana Reed:
I have purchased your listing presentations. I really like them and use them often.

Larry Niday:
Wow! Did my first listing presentation yesterday and I'm excited to report back that I got the listing!

Pat Morris:
Simply brilliant! I now know how to succeed on listing appointments.

Sharon McLearn:
I have done 10 ends in 1 month since buying your program.

Marilyn White:
I have been able to realize $17,000 of dreams within just 3 months of buying your real estate listing presentation. (Florida vacation, new BMW motorcycle for my husband and installing tile throughout the house!)

Tobie Greenberg:
I am doing much better since taking your programs. I am on target and motivating myself towards retirement.

Karen Beatty:
I'm burning with enthusiasm. Your program is great and it did light a fire under me.

Regnar Kearton:
I know you are always interested in getting "feedback" from the field. I have gotten many of your materials over the years and your presentation materials are STILL among the best after all these years!

Todd Smart:
Randy, thought you might like to hear that I am using testimonials at the beginning of my listing presentation and I have got every one since. Thanks for the great training advice!

Jon Ewing:
Increased my production from $3,000,000 to $4,000,000 within 12 months of buying your real estate listing presentation.

Ian Shields:
Since buying your presentation program, I have sold a condo and listed 2 homes.

Bonnie Raymond:
Just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks". You provide a complete 'to the letter' plan for success!

Jim Troy:
I am using your systems and I am having great success!