Listing Presentation F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Listing Presentation

If you have any other questions simply contact us or order here.

Quick Answers:

1. Are The Presentations 100% Editable? Answer: Yes, all presentations are fully editable both the content & design.

2. Are The Presentations Printable? Answer: Yes, all are high quality printable.

3. Are The Presentations iPad / Tablet Compatible? Answer: Yes.

4. Can I See Examples? Answer: Yes, view listing presentation examples.

5. Can The Presentation Design Or Colors Be Edited? Answer: The company presentation backgrounds, colors & other design elements can be edited. The Brilliant Black is a custom design and therefore there is no need to edit it.

7. Software Requirements? Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote (see notes below).

Long Answers:

1. How Do I Receive My Order?

You will receive your order instantly by way of a download page. Nothing is shipped to you. It is not necessary for us to ship as this is a digital purchase.

2. Do I Need PowerPoint To Use The Listing Presentation?

Yes, these listing presentations must be opened in PowerPoint to edit and print. Presentations also work with Keynote for Mac.

3. What Software Is Required To Use The Presentations?

PowerPoint version 2010 or higher for either Windows or Mac... or Keynote for Mac.

  • Windows Users: Microsoft PowerPoint version 2010 or better.
  • Mac Users: PowerPoint for Mac ver. 2010 or better, or Apple Keynote.
  • Tablet/iPad: iPads/tablets must have PowerPoint or Keynote installed.

4. What If I Don't Own PowerPoint? Where Can I Get PowerPoint?

We highly recommend you purchase PowerPoint or use Keynote on MAC.

5. Are The Presentations Compatible With Mac?

Yes, in order to edit and print the presentation you need to have PowerPoint version 2010 or higher or Keynote for Mac.

6. Are The Presentations Compatible With iPads or Tablets?

Yes, the presentation will work on any Apple iPad or Android Tablet with either PowerPoint or Keynote installed.

7. Can I Email The Presentations To My Client?

Yes, just email the presentation as an attachment... as you would email any file.

8. Can I Download The Presentation To More Than 1 Computer?

Yes, you can download your order and use the presentation on any computer(s) that you use... for example your home computer and office computer.

9. What If I Lose My Presentations At Some Time In The Future?

We have a 'retrieve order' page, or call/email us and we'll re-send your download link.

10. How Hard Is It To Edit & Customize The Presentation?

Very easy. It takes a few short minutes to make edits and customizations to your presentation. We even provide you with training videos on how to edit & customize your listing presentation.

11. Can The Presentation Design Or Colors Be Customized?

Absolutely... All presentation designs feature fully editable content and design. You can use the design 'as is' or edit to any color scheme or company colors. We even provide you with training videos on how to do this. (The Brilliant Black is a custom design and therefore there is no need to edit the background colors. But you can edit the content.)

12. Do You Train Me On How To Use PowerPoint?

No. You can simply search for a "how-to" video on YouTube and quickly learn the basics of editing and printing PowerPoint.

13. Do You Include Training & Scripts With The Listing Presentation?

Yes... Included with your order is a variety of training & scripts for listing appointments and using your listing presentation simply see our order page for everything that is included. In addition you can find some free listing presentation resources here.

14. Is There A Money Back Performance Guarantee On The Presentation?

Yes on the 'functionality', meaning we guarantee our product works in the MS PowerPoint. However on performance, meaning do we guarantee you will win listings using our product... no as that falls outside our control. No company could possibly guarantee to any agent a seller will list with them. See order terms for refund details.

15. Can I See Presentation Design Examples?

Yes, Visit our listing presentation examples page to view all available designs.

16. Do You Offer Company Template For Major Companies?

Yes we do offer 'company designs' for many of top real estate companies.

18. Do You Offer Non-Company Presentation Designs?

Yes we offer the Brilliant Black design and it is for any company. See more here.

19. Do You Offer A Unique Custom Design Presentation?

Yes we offer a unique custom designed listing presentation, see our premium custom listing presentation page for more information, pricing and examples of past custom designs.