Listing Presentation Seller Objection Training!

Top 5 Seller Objections And How To Resolve
Each Without Sounding Offensive.

Don't you just dread hearing 'I want to think about it!' from the seller? Is there a way you can overcome this income robbing seller stall? The answer is yes. You are invited to watch this short video to discover exactly what to do and say to overcome seller indecision.



Top 5 Ways To Handle Seller Objections.

And What To Say To Resolve Each Seller Objection.

Seller Objection #1

  • I Have A Friend In The Business.

Seller states:

'I have a friend in the business and I must keep my word to him/her.'


I understand how you feel because I would feel the same way myself. But have you considered this? Having a second opinion on the value of your home is probably a wise decision to make, wouldn't you agree? And even though you are going to list with your friend... I'm still willing to provide you with that critical 2nd opinion. Why would I do this for you considering you are not going to list with me? The reason is referrals. If at any time you have the opportunity to refer business to an agent... perhaps you would consider me. Does that sound fair? You get a 2nd opinion and I get a chance to get a few referrals from you.

Seller Objection #2

  • I Don't Know If I'll Sell or Refinance The Home?

Seller states:

'I'm thinking about either refinancing or selling my home... I'm not quite sure which?'


'What do you think of this idea? I'll drop over and give you an opinion of value, show you the competition you're up against if you want to sell and I'll do this while you are applying for the refinancing. This way you will have all the information which will allow you to consider all your options."

Seller Objection #3

  • We Are Going To List With An Agent Who Can Give Us The Attention We Deserve.

Seller states:

'We know you are a very successful agent and a very busy one too. So we want to list with an agent who has the time to service us properly.'


'That's a good point... because I am very busy. And I understand how you feel. But were you aware I guarantee my service? The #1 reason why clients list with me is my personal service. When it comes to personal service, you will receive the absolute best!'

Seller Objection #4

  • We want to buy a home before we put our home on the market.

'That is a great idea. Actually when I sold my home I bought a home first. I did not want to sell first because I may not find the home I want and then I would have to be forced to compromise and settle for a home I really don't want. So yes... you are making the right decision. Here's what we'll do. Let's discuss the home you are looking for and then I will begin my search for that home. And after I find a few homes that may be what you want we'll take a look at them. Does that sound ok with you?'

Seller Objection #5

  • We Can Lower The Price Later.

'Of course we can and many other homeowners do the same. Like I say to all my clients, 'It's easier to drop price than it is to increase price.'. How long do you want to try at that price before you decide to lower it?'

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