"Amazing 5 Step Listing Presentation!"

How To Win Listings In 5 Simple Steps!

Unfortunately... Luck is Not A Strategy!

If you want to win... winging it won't work because you have competition.

The typical seller interviews 2 to 7 agents before listing.

If you follow the 'luck' strategy... you just may lose.

Introducing... The 5 Step Listing System!

Because You Need More Than Just A Listing Presentation To Win.

The complete listing presentation package, includes the '12 reasons why' listing presentation, pre-listing presentation, video training, scripts on what to say and more. This simple 5 step listing presentation system will help you 'win the listing' on every listing appointment.

Endorsed By Agents Because it Works!

RE/MAX Agent Robert Burns Robert Burns of RE/MAX Earns Over $2,000,000!

I was fed up with losing listings. With a wife and 9 kids, I simply could not afford to be average. Since owning and putting to use the entire package, I have earned over $2,000,000 in personal commissions. (I made $18,489.17 when using it on just 1 deal.)

Realtor Lolo Clacher of Re/Max Lilo Clacher of RE/MAX Proven Professionals Always Wins!

Since purchasing the seller presentation package and putting it to full use, I have NEVER walked away from a listing appointment without the signed listing in my briefcase.

Realtor Lolo Clacher of Re/Max Edee Franklin of Max Broock Writes...

Powerful material that actually works. All I had to do was flip the pages to get the listing.

Realtor Lolo Clacher of Re/MaxSenjey Joshi of Homelife Diamonds Writes...

It works! I went on my very first listing appointment using the 5 Step strategy and won the listing. The listing presentation is awesome!

Here Are The 5 Steps In Detail!

Each Step Is Absolutely Critical To Your Listing Success.

Listing presentation system includes a pre-listing presentation, it sets the stage for a perfect listing appointment.

Step 1
Pre-Listing Presentation

(Presentation & Video Training Is Included)

  • A pre-listing presentation is a commercial all about you!
  • It highlights your experience & expertise to the seller.
  • Its purpose is to impress & impact the seller.

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Step #1: The Pre-Listing Presentation

"Pre-Listing Presentation!"

Set The Stage For Your Listing Success!

(100% editable & printable. Created In MS PowerPoint.)

1. The purpose of a pre-listing presentation is to prepare your seller for your arrival.

2. It differentiates you for other agents, causing the seller to take notice of your professionalism & commitment to the sale.

3. Simply email it, or drop it off to your seller, 3 days before your listing appointment.

"Note... It's Easy Peasy!"

1. Content is included.

2. You can easily edit existing content & even add new content.

3. And you can add pages, deleted pages, etc...

Free Real Estate Pre-Listing Presentation
Inside The Free Pre-Listing Presentation
Inside The Free Pre-Listing Presentation

Listing system includes training on 'the front door strategy' for maximum 1st impression with the seller.

Step 2
The Front Door Strategy

(Video Training Is Included)

  • Just do 3 specific actions when at the front door.
  • The 3 actions guarantees maximum 1st impression impact.
  • The result... seller recognizes you're an extraordinary agent.

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Step #2: The Front Door Strategy

"When At The Front Door!"

You Only Have 1 Chance To Make A Good 1st Impression!

1. A seller's first impressions happens at the front door.

2. There are 3 actions you must do to guarantee effective first impression.

Free Real Estate Pre-Listing Presentation

Coaching Video Included!

1. Our step-by-step coaching video shows you how to win the seller.

2. You will know exactly what to say create a winning 1st impression.

3. The result... the seller likes you before you take a step into the foyer.

Listing appointment system includes the 'in the foyer strategy' training, shows you what to do and say when you first arrive.

Step 3
Inside Foyer

What To Say & Do When In The Foyer

  • The purpose of this strategy is establish rapport.
  • You will request a 'Home Tour'.
  • Take out your notepad, because the seller is about to say yes!

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Step #3: The Inside The Foyer Strategy

"When Inside The Foyer"

It's Time To Build Rapport... Before Sitting Down At The Kitchen Table!

1. The foyer is where you will ask the seller for a home tour.

2. This provides the opportunity to create rapport with the seller.

3. Rapport must happen before you sit down at the kitchen table.

Free Real Estate Pre-Listing Presentation

4. You want the seller's advice on the home's good & bad points.

5. This time provides you the opportunity to interact with the seller in a positive and constructive manner, creating the rapport required before sitting at the kitchen table.

Video Coaching Included!

1. Our step-by-step video coaching shows you how to win the seller.

2. You will know exactly what to do & say to create rapport before sitting down at the kitchen table.

This system includes a 'safe island' presentation to use to start the listing appointment conversation.

Step 4
Kitchen Table & 'Safe Island'

What To Say & Do When Beginning The Conversation

  • Kitchen table strategy is divided into 2 sections.
  • Section 1: Safe Island Presentation.
  • Section 2: The Actual Listing Presentation.

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Step #4: The Safe Island Presentation

The Safe Island Presentation...

Its Purpose Is To Uncover Seller Motivation!

1. When at the kitchen table, you begin by using the Safe Island presentation.

2. This presentation uncovers 2 critical pieces of information from the seller... which are...

3. (1) Price & (2) Urgency.

Free Real Estate Pre-Listing Presentation

Coaching Video Shows You How!

1. Our step-by-step coaching video shows you how to gather this 'critical for success' seller information with ease!

2. You are now ready to begin the listing presentation.

Step #5: The '12 Reasons Why To List With Me' Listing Presentation

It's Time To Use The Listing Presentation!

Introducing The...

"12 Reasons Why To List With Me!"
Listing Presentation

*** Presentation Available In Many Designs ***

View Examples Of Available Presentation Designs

Beautifully & Professionally Designed & 100% Editable

For Use On Computer, iPad, Tablet, Notebook, Print & Website

The '12 Reasons Why' listing presentation is fully editable and versatile. Use the presentation in print format, on your computer, on your ipad or tablet, or on your website and more.

Examples Of Presentation Designs

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"Why Does It Work? Because It's Simple!"

keep your listing presentation simple

  • The last thing you want is a complicated listing presentation.
  • People simply 'tune out' whenever they think something is too complicated and hard to understand.
  • So an effective listing presentation is one that is simple.
  • This is what the '12 Reasons Why To List With Me!' presentation does for both you & the seller.

"How Are You Going To Keep It Simple?

the simple listing presentation that works...

  • That's easy... you will focus the listing presentation on buyers.
  • This is exactly the reason why the seller has invited you into the home.
  • How are you going to focus on buyers?
  • You do so through the '12 Reasons' outlined within the listing presentation.

"Yes... Keep It Simple With The 12 Steps!"

Here Is The Presentation Slide Outlining The 12 Steps

slide outlining the 12 steps of the '12 reasons why' listing presentation...

The 12 Steps Also Prove You Are A Buyer Expert!

A buyer is what motivates a seller to list

1. Yes every page of your listing presentation must be 'buyer focused'.

2. When you focus on buyers... you are guaranteeing the seller is actually listening to you.

3. When you discuss your 'buyer marketing plan'... you are speaking the kind of language your seller wants to hear.

4. At every moment during the listing presentation you will focus on buyers because buyers is the #1 motivational hot button of a seller.

5. Proving you are a buyer expert will cause the seller to see you differently from any other agent he/she may interview.

Our 45 Minute Buyer Video... Helps You To Win!

an effective listing presentation

1. It is filled with powerful buyer tips.

2. Each tip will 'tip the scales' in your favor when with the seller.

3. We urge you to invest quality time what watching this video coaching.

4. By doing so you will equip yourself for significant listing success.

5. And you have the skill that absolutely motivates the seller to choose you as their listing agent.


the words within your listing presentation are critical for success1. We all know words have power

2. Nothing is more true than when it comes to a listing presentation.

3. The words and the concepts found with the presentation are critical to your success.

4. When combined with each of the steps within the listing system you have increased the odds for success.

5. After all... every successful business has a system and follows that system to produce their success.

6. An excellent example would be McDonald's. It is their system that has created their success.

7. Another example would be the national real estate brands like RE/MAX and Century 21.

8. The same applies to you... when you have a system and implement that system... you win!

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Invest Now - Listing Presentation On Sale

Top 8 Seller Benefits you Definitely Want

Because It Will Mean You Win The Listing!

1. Seller is impressed with your expertise.

2. Seller instinctively trusts you.

3. Seller considers you as the authority.

4. Seller realizes the hard work you do to sell the home.

5. Seller recognizes your commitment to the sale.

6. Seller respects your experience & cooperates with you.

7. Seller believes you have their best interest at heart.

8. Seller is excited about your marketing strategy.

But Why Does It Work So Well?

Because It Gets The Seller Excited About You!

1. It inspires the seller to like you.

2. It motivates the seller to take action.

3. It supplies proof you will sell the home.

4. It includes evidence you have buyers for the home.

5. It persuades the seller to price right for quick sale.

6. It informs the seller how to showcase the home.

7. It educates the seller instead of 'sell' the seller.

8. It generates referrals because of seller satisfaction.

Here's 8 More Reasons Why It Works So Well!

1. Hammer your competition.

2. Listings priced right.

3. Virtually no objections.

4. No cuts in commission.

5. Longer listing term.

6. Listings sell faster.

7. Larger commission checks.

8. Significantly more referrals.

You Can Say Goodbye To Sales Scripts & Closing Techniques Too

Because Sellers Hate Pushy & Obnoxious Salespeople!

1. The Strategic Advantage Listing Presentation Uses An Educational Approach Vs A Sales Approach!

Sellers hate being pressured by a slick-talking salesperson. In fact, a 'sales closing & sales script' presentation is the #1 reason why sellers say no to listing with an agent. This is why we recommend using an 'Educational' style seller presentation which logically explains how you are going to sell the home in a straightforward manner without the use of high-pressure sales closing scripts and techniques.

2. The Listing Presentation Focuses Only On What Really Motivates Sellers To List!

The '#1 Motivational Hot Button' of a seller are 'BUYERS'. After all, if the seller already had a buyer he/she would have no need to hire you! Did you know mega listing agents focus the entirety of their listing presentation on buyer acquisition, communication and retention?

3. The Presentation Proves To The Seller You Are An Extraordinary Agent!

You will show the seller how the 'MLS Board Backs You Up' when it comes to locating and communicating with the urgent buyers. This is rather easy to do by focusing your conversation on the Hotsheets with the seller. And our Advanced Buyer Training Video will show you how to effectively use the Hotsheets to win the seller. This causes the seller to recognize you as an extraordinary agent, one they simply must list with.

4. The Presentation Persuades The Seller To Price Hot For Quick Sale!

The 'Pricing Strategy' found within the seller presentation quickly persuades the seller to not only price right but to also understand why pricing right is to his/her advantage. The result... your listings sell faster!

Total Functionality For You!

Beautifully & Professionally Designed & 100% Editable

For Use On Computer, iPad, Tablet, Notebook, Print & Website

Fully editable and versatile listing presentation for use in print format, on your computer, ipad or tablet, or website.

Microsoft PowerPoint Listing Presentation

And Since It's A MS PowerPoint Design You Can...

Personalize & Customize The Listing Presentation To Your Exact Style!

1. Drop in your logo.

2. Drop in your photo.

3. Designed for both MS PowerPoint & Keynote.

4. Presentations fully editable using PowerPoint/Keynote.

5. You can alter design & content layout if you want.

6. You can email the presentation to a seller.

7. You can add the presentation to your website.

8. You will have a 100% custom listing presentation.

Invest Now & Remember...
This is A Tax Deductible Investment

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Seller Listing Presentation Features

PowerPoint & Keynote Compatible

Use your custom listing presentation with either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad & Tablet Compatible

If you use a iPad or Android tablet when on an appointment then you'll love this presentation.

High Quality Printable

Your presentation has been graphically designed to produce a beautiful print finish.

Fully Editable & Customizable

In seconds you can drop in your logo, photo, make edits to content and much more.

Includes Content For All Slides

Recommended content proven to produce results is included with your presentation.

Includes Free Video Training

Included is 'Step-By-Step' presentation video training to help you win!

Seller Listing Presentation
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