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It's How You Hammer Your Competition, Impress Your Seller & Win The Listing... In 5 Simple Steps!

You Must Win To Get Paid... Because You Are In Competition With 2 to 7 Agents!

Unique listing presentation wins the listing

One truth is absolutely certain in real estate sales... you never get paid a cent unless you win the listing. And winning is what you must do when you consider how fierce the competition is for listings.

The cold and brutal truth is... up to 7 agents are hoping to win the listing. At the very least, you are in competition with 1 other agent for every listing appointment you attend. And if you don't win, you don't get paid one red cent.

This is why a listing presentation is a must have. And you must have more than just a pretty looking listing presentation. It must be a competition destroying and seller impressive listing presentation... because anything less will simply not do the job!

What Strategy Will You use To Beat Your Competition & Win The Listing?

The perfect listing presentation strategy

Have you ever considered what these 6 other agents are saying to your seller? Unfortunately, most agents do not take this into consideration. You certainly can't be saying the same stuff as the 6 other agents are saying to the seller... because that certainly will not make you stand out.

The truth is... these 6 other agents are most likely saying the same stuff as you are saying to the seller. Now if that is happening then how can the seller honestly see you as a unique agent and with an effective strategy on how to sell the home?

What are these other agents saying? Does any of the following sound familiar to you? If so... oh-oh!

  • I'll do a few open houses for you.
  • I'll post your listing to Facebook.
  • I'll run an ad in the local paper.
  • I'll put a yard sign up.
  • My Internet plan is #1.

Isn't this exactly what every other agent is saying to a seller? If you are saying the same stuff... then how are you going to win the listing?

To Win... You Must Be Really Different!

Be different to win the listing appointment

What are you going to put into your listing presentation that absolutely proves to the seller you are a very different agent with a unique strategy to sell the home?

If you don't know... that's where we step in and help you to be unique. How do we do this for you? Through the content we have included with our agent endorsed listing presentations. The content is proven to work. Plus you can edit the content to add whatever you consider to be significant within your local market. The end result is you have a listing presentation that is totally custom to you and one that absolutely impresses your seller.

Were You Aware Content Is How You Motivate A Seller To Choose You?

Motivate sellers to choose you

Our content, which has been proven by agents to work, persuades the seller to choose you instead of another agent. How does it achieve this remarkable challenge?

The content is purposely written to appeal to the seller by speaking the exact motivational language your seller wants to hear from you. What is that motivational language? In one specific word... buyers. Why is it buyer focused? Because your seller has invited you over to the home for only one reason... he/she WANTS a buyer.

"Yes I Have Access To Buyers Mr. Seller!"

Yes you have home buyers

Why are buyers so important to a seller? Because a buyer is what a seller wants from you. After all, if the seller already had a buyer they would certainly have no need to hire you or to pay you a very large commission check.

It is unfortunate most agents do not realize the real motivating reason why sellers are willing to pay large commission fees. Because agents are unaware of this motivational reason, their listing presentations focus on activity instead of motivation. This makes it almost impossible for agents to differentiate themselves one from another.

Were You Aware You Can Prove To Sellers you have Access To Motivated buyers?

Prove you have buyers

Most agents certainly don't know how. And why not? Because training on how to win sellers when on a listing appointment is virtually non-existent.

So how do you know if the training you have received gives you the advantage when on listing appointments? To answer that question, allow us to ask you this question. Do you bring a copy of the HOTSHEETS with you when on a listing appointment? If not, oh-oh!

May we ask another question? Has any individual ever trained you on the MLS itself? Why do we ask? Because it is through the MLS that you will be able to provide tangible evidence to any seller that you really do have access to motivated buyers. In fact... you will even put photos of the homes where these buyers now live on the kitchen table of the seller. If you do not know how to do this, we will show you how in our MLS buyer video that is included with your investment.

Our 45 Minute Coaching Video Will Show You How To Win The Confidence of Your Sellers!

coaching video included

Included in your investment is our "45 Minute - Yes I Have Buyers For Your Home Mr. Seller!" coaching video. Through this video we will show you how to prove to any seller that you are the right agent to hire. In fact, we will show you how to provide the evidence that you really do have buyers. And you can say goodbye to sleazy sales scripts and high pressure closing techniques because thanks to this listing presentation your seller will want to list with you!


"12 Reasons Why To List With Me!"
Listing Presentation

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"prove This & Instantly Win Listing!"

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Imagine How Impressed The Seller Will Be!

For Use On Computer, iPad, Tablet, Notebook, Print & Website.

The '12 Reasons Why' listing presentation is fully editable and versatile. Use the presentation in print format, on your computer, on your ipad or tablet, or on your website and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint Listing Presentation

And Since It's A MS PowerPoint Design You Can...

Personalize & Customize The Listing Presentation To Your Exact Style!

1. Drop in your logo.

2. Drop in your photo.

3. Designed for both MS PowerPoint & Keynote.

4. Presentations fully editable using PowerPoint/Keynote.

5. You can alter design & content layout if you want.

6. You can email the presentation to a seller.

7. You can add the presentation to your website.

8. You will have a 100% custom listing presentation.

It's Endorsed By Agents Because it Works!

RE/MAX Agent Robert Burns Robert Burns of RE/MAX Earns Over $2,000,000!

Since owning and putting to use the entire package, I have earned over $2,000,000 in personal commissions. (I made $18,489.17 when using it on just 1 deal.)

Realtor Lolo Clacher of Re/Max Lilo Clacher of RE/MAX Proven Professionals Always Wins!

Since purchasing the seller presentation package and putting it to full use, I have NEVER walked away from a listing appointment without the signed listing in my briefcase.

Edee Franklin of Max Broock Edee Franklin of Max Broock Writes...

Powerful material that actually works. All I had to do was flip the pages to get the listing.

Realtor Senjey Joshi of Homelife DiamondsSenjey Joshi of Homelife Diamonds Writes...

It works! I went on my very first listing appointment using the 5 Step strategy and won the listing. The listing presentation is awesome!

Top 8 Benefits you Definitely Want!

1. Seller is impressed with your expertise.

2. Seller instinctively trusts you.

3. Seller considers you as the authority.

4. Seller realizes the hard work you do to sell the home.

5. Seller recognizes your commitment to the sale.

6. Seller respects your experience & cooperates with you.

7. Seller believes you have their best interest at heart.

8. Seller is excited about your marketing strategy.

But Why Does It Work So Well?

Because It Gets The Seller Excited About You!

1. It inspires the seller to like you.

2. It motivates the seller to take action.

3. It supplies proof you will sell the home.

4. It includes evidence you have buyers for the home.

5. It persuades the seller to price right for quick sale.

6. It informs the seller how to showcase the home.

7. It educates the seller instead of 'sell' the seller.

8. It generates referrals because of seller satisfaction.

Here's 8 More Reasons Why It Works So Well!

1. Hammer your competition.

2. Listings priced right.

3. Virtually no objections.

4. No cuts in commission.

5. Longer listing term.

6. Listings sell faster.

7. Larger commission checks.

8. Significantly more referrals.

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Listing Presentation Features:

PowerPoint & Keynote Compatible

Use your custom listing presentation with either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad & Tablet Compatible

If you use a iPad or Android tablet when on an appointment then you'll love this presentation.

High Quality Printable

Your presentation has been graphically designed to produce a beautiful print finish.

Fully Editable & Customizable

In seconds you can drop in your logo, photo, make edits to content and much more.

Includes Content For All Slides

Recommended content proven to produce results is included with your presentation.

Includes Free Video Training

Included is 'Step-By-Step' presentation video training to help you win!

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