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Introducing The...

"Yes I Have Buyers For Your Home!" Listing Presentation!

It's the EXACT listing presentation (1) image and (2) content used

by the top 1% group of listing agents who earn over $500,000 per year.

Compatible with iPad and Android tablets plus works on both Windows & MAC.

And Since It's A MS PowerPoint Design You Can...

Personalize & Customize The Listing Presentation To Your Exact Style!

1. Drop in your logo.

2. Drop in your photo.

3. Designed for both MS PowerPoint & Keynote.

4. Presentations fully editable using PowerPoint/Keynote.

5. You can alter design & content layout if you want.

6. You can email the presentation to a seller.

7. You can add the presentation to your website.

8. You will have a 100% custom listing presentation.

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Powerful material that actually works. All I had to do was flip the pages to get the listing.

Yes This Masterful Listing Presentation Causes The Seller

To Recognize You As The Right Agent In 8 Remarkable Ways.

1. Seller is impressed with your expertise.

2. Seller instinctively trusts you.

3. Seller considers you as the authority.

4. Seller realizes the hard work you do to sell the home.

5. Seller recognizes your commitment to the sale.

6. Seller respects your experience & cooperates with you.

7. Seller believes you have their best interest at heart.

8. Seller is excited about your marketing strategy.

Why Have Agents Endorsed This Listing Presentation?

Because The Seller Believes In Your Expertise, Devotion & Commitment To Their Sale!

1. It inspires the seller to like you.

2. It motivates the seller to take action.

3. It supplies proof you will sell the home.

4. It includes evidence you have buyers for the home.

5. It persuades the seller to price right for quick sale.

6. It informs the seller how to showcase the home.

7. It educates the seller instead of 'sell' the seller.

8. It generates referrals because of seller satisfaction.

** What Are Your Top 8 Benefits? **

You Will Impress Sellers & You Will Win Listings!

1. Hammer your competition.

2. Listings priced right.

3. Virtually no objections.

4. No cuts in commission.

5. Longer listing term.

6. Listings sell faster.

7. Larger commission checks.

8. Significantly more referrals.

Invest Now & Because It's Guaranteed To Work for YOU!

Presentation Guarantee

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Want Even More Information?

Why Does This Listing Presentation Work So Well?

The Answer Is... A Very Different Set of Rules

Mega Agents Have...

  • Stopped following the typical listing presentation rules overworked and underpaid agents have been trained to believe in.
  • Rather they focus their listing presentation on what matters most to sellers... BUYERS.
  • And when you discover the 'Buyer' strategies top listing agents use... you will suddenly find yourself living on 777 Easy Street too!


Unfortunately, The Typical Listing Presentation Does A Very Poor Job When Proving You Are The Right Agent To The Seller.

(Here Is What Most Agents Say When Using The Typical Listing Presentation.)

1. I will hold open houses for you.

2. I will post your listing to Facebook.

3. I will run ads in the paper.

4. I use Google Adwords too.

5. I will post to Craigslist & Kijiji Too.

6. I will put a sign on your front lawn.

7. I'll have my fellow agents in during Office Caravan.

8. Oh, oh... I'm all out of ideas.

Do The Majority of Homes Really Sell That Way?

ipad listing presentation

Of Course Not!

  • Ask yourself this question... 'For every 100 listings you take, how many times do you sell it yourself?'. (Once, twice, 3 times at most?)
  • The truth is... 97% of the time another MLS agent brings the buyer for our listings.
  • So why use a listing presentation that is NOT built on reality or integrity!


So How Is The 'Yes I Have Buyers' LP Any

Different From The Typical Listing Presentation?

Here's How!

  • Instead of walking into a seller's home & saying silly things that don't produce a buyer...
  • Rather top listing agents focus the seller on what does produce buyers... the MLS.
  • Yes the MLS is the secret BUYER strategy the top 1% use to win listings.

mls listing presentation

  • Were you aware...
  • The MLS is MOST POWERFUL marketing machine on the planet?
  • It was invented so you can PROVE to sellers you have buyers?
  • Yes buyers... for every seller you sit down with at the kitchen table!


MLS Buyers?

What The Heck Are MLS Buyers?

Allow us the opportunity to explain.

how to do a listing presentation

  • We understand you probably have received virtually NO training on the MLS & why it was initially invented.
  • Nor have you received any training on how you use the MLS to PARTNER & PROVE to sellers you have buyers.
  • If you disagree...
  • Just ask yourself these 2 questions.


(1) Do You Know What The Hotsheets Are?

(2) Do You Know Why The Board Gives It To You Every Day?


hotsheets and listing presentation

  • Yes... the MLS Hotsheets!
  • Do you use them when you are with the seller at the kitchen table?
  • If not... then it is 100% proof you have not been properly trained on the MLS itself.
  • And because of this... you are MISSING OUT on the #1 way to win listings and hammer your competition.


Just Imagine... The Seller's Reaction When You Put

A List of '20 to 100' MLS Buyers On The Kitchen Table!

'How do I do that?', you ask.

free training video listing presentation

  • By using the Hotsheets.
  • Our 45 Minute MLS Buyer Video will show you how to use the Hotsheets to produce a list of buyers for every seller you meet.
  • It's included FREE with your presentation investment.
  • And it will give you the "BUYER" advantage over every other agent in town!


Do You Know What Is The #1 Motivational Hot Button of A Seller?

(And When Pushed Results In You Always Winning The Listing!)


seller listing presentation

  • That's the #1 motivational hot button of all sellers.
  • When you put a list of 20 to 100 buyers on the kitchen table... guess what happens?
  • The seller instantly considers you the RIGHT AGENT and automatically wants to list with you.


You Can Say Goodbye To Sales Scripts & Closing Techniques Too,

Because Sellers Hate Pushy, Rude & Obnoxious Salespeople!

1. It's An Educational Approach Vs A Sales Approach!

Sellers hate being pressured by a slick-talking salesperson. In fact, a 'sales closing & sales script' presentation is the #1 reason why sellers say no to listing with an agent. This is why we recommend using an 'Educational' style seller presentation which logically explains how you are going to sell the home in a straightforward manner without the use of high-pressure sales closing scripts and techniques.

2. It Focuses Only On What Really Motivates Sellers To List!

The '#1 Motivational Hot Button' of a seller are 'BUYERS'. After all, if the seller already had a buyer he/she would have no need to hire you! Did you know mega listing agents focus the entirety of their listing presentation on buyer acquisition, communication and retention?

3. It Proves To The Seller You Are An Extraordinary Agent!

You will show the seller how the 'MLS Board Backs You Up' when it comes to locating and communicating with the urgent buyers. This is rather easy to do by focusing your conversation on the Hotsheets with the seller. And our Advanced Buyer Training Video will show you how to effectively use the Hotsheets to win the seller. This causes the seller to recognize you as an extraordinary agent, one they simply must list with.

4. It Persuades The Seller To Price Hot For Quick Sale!

The 'Pricing Strategy' found within the seller presentation quickly persuades the seller to not only price right but to also understand why pricing right is to his/her advantage. The result... your listings sell faster!

Invest Now & Remember...
This is A Tax Deductible Investment


Invest Now To Win Listings With Ease!

Seller Listing Presentation Features

PowerPoint & Keynote Compatible

Use your custom listing presentation with either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad & Tablet Compatible

If you use a iPad or Android tablet when on an appointment then you'll love this presentation.

High Quality Printable

Your presentation has been graphically designed to produce a beautiful print finish.

Fully Editable & Customizable

In seconds you can drop in your logo, photo, make edits to content and much more.

Includes Content For All Slides

Recommended content proven to produce results is included with your presentation.

Includes Free Video Training

Included is 'Step-By-Step' presentation video training to help you win!