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Here's What You Receive With This Proven & Endorsed System!

The Listing Presentation In Three (3) Unique PowerPoint Designs

Celebration Design
Listing Presentation

Celebration Design

Family Design
Listing Presentation

Family Design

Kitchen Design
Listing Presentation

Kitchen Design

See Examples Page For Larger Examples Of All 3 Presentation Designs

You Also Receive These 4 Deal Closing Support Presentations Too!

Pre-Listing Presentation

PowerPoint Pre-Listing Presentation

Safe Island Presentation

PowerPoint Safe Island Presentation

MLS Explanation Presentation

Real Estate MLS Presentation

Testimony Presentation

Agent Testimony Presentation

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Agent Robert Burns

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What's In It For You?

You will have total confidence going into the appointment.

Your competition simply cannot compete against you.

Your sellers will instinctively want to list with you.

Your listings are priced red hot for quick sale.

You will enjoy more seller referrals.

You will earn more money.

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12 Step Listing Presentation Video Video: 12 Simple Steps To Victory!

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Lets Now Walk You Through The 12 Step Listing Appointment Strategy
You Will Follow To Win The The Listing 95% to 100% of The Time!

Great you have booked a listing appointment. Now you want to 'think' like a seller. In doing so you will make it very easy to convince the seller to choose you as the listing agent. Sellers follow a very specific order of events leading to a listing decision. By following a seller's order of events you automatically enhance your odds for listing success.

Step 1
Drop Off "Pre-Listing Presentation" Package
3 Days In Advance of The Appointment!

This presentation contains critical information a seller needs to feel comfortable when you arrive at their home for the appointment. Plus the seller needs to have 'certain' things ready for you when you arrive. Every elite listing agent attributes a pre-listing presentation to their listing success.

Pre-Listing Presentation Starts The Winning Process!

Bonus - Pre-Listing PresentationReady The Seller For Your Arrival

  • Includes step-by-step training video.
  • Fully editable.
  • Print & drop off to seller or email to seller.
  • 100% customized to your style and approach.

Step 2
Break The Ice The Winning Way When You Arrive!

The first few minutes of a listing appointment are critical in terms of setting the stage for success. It is 'normal' human behavior to thank a person for inviting you into their home. The most effective way to do so is through the use of a gift. The top 4 gifts for effective persuasion are coffee, flowers, chocolates & coloring books for the kids. We highly recommend you bring at least one of the first three & the kid's gift to your appointments. Remember, people hire you because they like and trust you. Gifts instantly cause both in the mind of the seller.

Thank The Seller For Inviting You Into Their Home!

Win The Hearts of Your Sellers With GiftsWin The Hearts of Your Sellers With Gifts!

  • Chocolates
  • Coffee
  • Flowers
  • Coloring Books For The Kids!

Step 3
Discuss The Pre-Listing Presentation!

After you have broken the ice and sat down at the kitchen table simply ask... 'Do you have any questions concerning the material I dropped off to you 3 days ago?'. Now whatever they seller may say or answer, simply reply... "Allow me to discuss that tonight during my listing presentation." In other words, do not answer the questions but rather delay the answers and always point them to your upcoming listing presentation discussion.

Money Is Waiting For You When You Delay The Answer!

The purpose of the pre-lisitng presentation is to prepare the sellerDon't Be Quick To Answer...

  • The purpose of the pre-lisitng presentation is to prepare the seller.
  • By delaying the answers you increase listing success.
  • Always allow your listing presentation to answer seller questions.
  • Stick to the 12 step plan and you will win!

Step 4
Open Your Safe Island Presentation

There are 2 critical questions you want the seller to answer when you are discussing the Safe Island presentation. The seller's answer to these 2 questions positions you to easily win the listing.

Safe Island Presentation Moves The Seller To You!

Bonus - Safe Island PresentationIt's The Easiest Way For Your Seller To Give You The Answers To The 2 Toughest Questions!

  • This presentation has 6 questions.
  • The first 4 are general questions just to put seller in yes mindset.
  • The last 2 questions are critical for listing appointment success.
  • The seller will positively answer these 2 critical questions.
  • Now you are in a very powerful success position.
  • You know exactly what the seller wants!
  • And now you can begin your listing presentation!

Step 5
Now Open The Listing Presentation!

"12 Reasons Why To List With Me!"

The '12 Reasons Why' Listing PresentationAt This Stage of the Appointment...

  • Limit your discussion to these pages of the listing presentation:
  • Our Discussion
  • About Me
  • About My Company

Step 6
Now Discuss Client Testimonies!

Provides The Seller With The Feeling of Safety!

Bonus - Testimony Presentation For Listing AppointmentsInstantly Prove Your Talent To Sellers Through The Words of Your Past Clientele

  • It is simply the truth.
  • People tend not to fully believe a salesperson.
  • This is why you use this testimony presentation.
  • You let the opinion of your past clients prove your professionalism.
  • The result...
  • The seller believes you...
  • The seller decides to list with you.

Step 7
You Must Now Prove To The Seller That You Have Buyers!

After you have concluded with Step 6 you will then move to your discussion called 'Yes I Have Buyers For Your Home Mr. Seller". This is where you will prove to the seller that you do indeed have a list of targeted buyers for the home. You will use the "MLS Explanation Presentation" when discussing this with the seller.

MLS Explanation Presentation Provides The Evidence!

Bonus - MLS Presentation For SellersIt's How You Provide The Buyer Proof & Evidence Your Seller Demands To Say Yes To Listing With You That Evening!

  • You will prove to the seller you really do have a list of buyers.
  • This list provides the evidence the seller needs to say yes.
  • You'll include photos of the homes where the buyers currently live.
  • This physical evidence closes the deal for you.
  • Said another way... you will get the listing.
  • Simply because you gave the seller proof & evidence!

Where Will You Get This List of Targeted Buyers?

Don't Worry! We Include A 40 Minute Training Video That Reveals How!

Bonus - 40 Minute Training Video

  • It shows you how to produce a list of buyers for every appointment.
  • It shows you how to use the hotsheets when with the seller.
  • Your sellers will want to instantly list with you.
  • Your listings will sell faster than ever before.
  • Sellers will be eager to refer their family and friends to you.

Step 8
Now Take Out Your Secret Weapon... The MLS Hotsheet!

The MLS Hotsheet

  • Most agents have no training on why the MLS was invented.
  • Add to this the Hotsheet invention.
  • That too was invented for a specific reason.
  • The Hotsheet allows you to track your buyer list.
  • Both of these inventions help you to close more listings.
  • The training video included reveals to you how to do this.

Step 9
Now Take Out Your List of Targeted Buyers & Prove To The Seller
You Do In Fact Know Where Their Buyer Is Located!

Targeted Buyer List

  • How to prove to the seller you have buyers.
  • Providing the evidence by handing the seller a list of buyers.
  • Showing the seller from where you created this list of buyers.
  • Showing the seller how the MLS cooperates with you on these buyers.
  • The strategy you employ to get these buyers to view your seller's home.

Step 10
Now Close The Deal With Your 30 Day Marketing Plan!

It's Included In The Listing Presentation!

30 Day Marketing Plan Presentation SectionBegin the 30 Day Marketing Plan Section

  • You will discuss 12 reasons why the seller should list with you.
  • Each reason explains specific marketing actions you will employ.
  • Ensure you use the 'tie-down' located on the bottom of each page.
  • Remember... a small yes eventually leads to a big yes from the seller.

Step 11
Now Get That Listing Priced Red Hot With The Pricing Plan!

The Presentation Pricing PlanThe Seller Will Want To Price Hot For Fast Sale!

  • Pricing Plan explains...
  • How price is determined.
  • Creation of sales excitement.
  • How price impacts excitement.

Step 12
Top 21 Tips For Home Selling Success!

Now you will discuss 'Staging' with the seller through the "Top 21 Tips For Home Selling Success". This is an easy yet effective way for you to discuss the need for showroom shine when it comes to the seller getting the home ready for sale.

Top 21 Tips For Home Selling SuccessSeller Will Want To Have Home Looking Awesome!

  • Politely discuss staging in such a way the seller actually prepares home for showings.
  • Allows you to follow up with seller during listing term to ensure the seller understands the importance of showroom shine.

You Have Won A New Listing!

Win the listing 95% to 100% of the time...Simply Because You Followed The 12 Steps A Seller Goes Through When Making The Decision To List With An Agent!

  • When you think like a seller...
  • That's when you win the listing 95% to 100% of the time...
  • And that's what the 12 steps are all about!

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