"Listing Presentation Examples"

Strategic Advantage is professionally designed with content
proven to motivate the seller to choose you instead of another agent.

We have 6 Designs for Any Company & 7 Specific Company Designs.

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'The Inspiration Design' - (For Any Company)

The title... 'Guaranteed Service' nicely portrays the sense of professional confidence. You will instantly make a positive first impression when placing the 'Inspiration' design on the seller's kitchen table. The interior pages have font style and size that makes it easy for your seller to participate with you during the listing appointment.

Inspiration Design listing presentation for agents

Inspiration design theme, discussion flow slide

'The Sold Design' - (For Any Company)

This crisp and clean design absolutely projects the right professional image. And the 'sold' photo, along with the 'sold' headline, speak directly to the motivational demands of your seller. The beauty of the interior page design simply makes it easier for your client to value your marketing plan. Your seller will recognize you're an agent who cares and is dedicated to one outcome... a sold sign on the front lawn.

Sold Design listing presentation for agents

sold design theme, discussion flow slide

'The Classic Design' - (For Any Company)

This design has been created to be slightly 'vintage' in appearance. Its color design lends itself to a feeling of experience and confidence. The font styles of the interior pages encourage the seller to remain focused on your marketing plan. The communication placement summary located on the bottom of each interior page creates seller acceptance and agreement. The end result... a winning listing presentation.

Classic Design listing presentation for agents

classic design theme, discussion flow slide

'The Family Design' - (For Any Company)

A beautiful family focused listing presentation created to appeal to families. A sharp interior page design increases ease of reading... allowing you to walk your client through your proven marketing strategies quickly and effectively.

Family Design Listing Presentation

family design theme, discussion flow slide

'The Agent Design' - (For Any Company)

Conservative in design... created to instill a feeling of trust through the use of traditional blue and white colors. The interior page fonts make it easy for you to communicate your marketing strategy to your clients. Your sellers will quickly realize your commitment and dedication to the sale of their homes.

Agent Design Listing Presentation

agent design theme, discussion flow slide

'The Celebration Design' - (For Any Company)

Everyone loves a winner and this is exactly why we call this listing presentation the 'Celebration' design... because your sellers will celebrate their success after you have sold their homes. This bright and fun design not only emotionally stimulates your seller, it also persuades the seller to enthusiastically agree with your marketing plan.

Celebration Design Listing Presentation

celebration design theme, discussion flow slide

RE/MAX Company Design

We have brought together all the elements of design any RE/MAX agent would want in a listing presentation. This sharp, clear and crisp design makes it easy for your clients to say yes to the brilliance of your marketing plan. The result... your clients will automatically know you are an extraordinary agent, one they can trust to sell their homes.

RE/MAX Company Design Listing Presentation

RE/MAX design theme, discussion flow slide

Century 21 Company Theme

Bold design with font and color that jumps off the page. Your client will quickly recognize they have a proven professional in their home... one absolutely dedicated to getting the job done. The interior pages vividly reveal how you will sell the home. This eye-opening and impactful design produces a feeling of trust, integrity and dependability about both you and your proven services.

Century 21 Company Design Listing Presentation

Century 21 design theme, discussion flow slide

Keller Williams Company Design

An exquisite design combining the reputation of Keller Williams with your own proven talent and experience. Soft in feel yet sharp in visual appeal... your clients will know they can trust you to sell their homes. Beautifully created interior pages quickly lead your clients to appreciate your commitment to their sale.

Keller Williams Company Design Listing Presentation

Keller Williams design theme, discussion flow slide

Coldwell Banker Company Design

Elegant design... traditional blue with bold white interior page lettering and stylish font. This listing presentation immediately impacts your clients in not only a positive way but also through motivational persuasion. The result... your clients know you are an agent of integrity, commitment and dedication.

Coldwell Banker Company Design Listing Presentation

Coldwell Banker design theme, discussion flow slide

EXIT Realty Company Design

A blend of creative imagination and visual imagery. Your clients will know you are an agent of excellence. The interior design makes it exceptionally easy for your clients to understand your marketing plan. Plus your clients will recognize you are a dedicated agent, one who is determined to sell their homes.

EXIT Realty Company Design Listing Presentation

Exit design theme, discussion flow slide

Berkshire Hathaway Company Design

Competence, character and commitment best describe how this design impacts your clients. The cover page of the listing presentation quickly sends the right motivational message to your sellers... a sold sign on their front yards. Add the power of interior page clarity and the end result is a winning listing presentation.

Berkshire Hathaway Company Design Listing Presentation

Berkshire Hathaway design theme, discussion flow slide

Royal LePage Company Design

Canada's leading real estate company deserves to have a listing presentation design worthy of its reputation. Focused on what matters most, yet soft in presentation delivery, it nicely communicates your commitment to your seller's expectations. The interior page design highlights your outstanding marketing plan in a easy-to-understand dialogue.

Royal LePage Design Listing Presentation

Royal LePage design theme, discussion flow slide

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