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Impress sellers with your very own custom listing presentation template. It's easy to use and easy to edit. Within a few short minutes you will have a listing presentation exactly matching your personal style.

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Introducing The 'Ultimate Listing Presentation' Package!

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This 49 Page Listing Presentation Is 100% Editable And Works On

iPad & Android Tablets, Windows, MAC Computers & Print!

The listing presentation is compatible with iPad and Android tablets plus works on both Windows & MAC.

8 Benefits You Definitely Want Working For You!

1. Seller is impressed with your expertise.

2. Seller instinctively trusts you.

3. Seller considers you as the authority.

4. Seller realizes the hard work you do to sell the home.

5. Seller recognizes your commitment to the sale.

6. Seller respects your experience & cooperates with you.

7. Seller believes you have their best interest at heart.

8. Seller is excited about your marketing strategy.

Why Do Sellers Say Yes To This Listing Presentation?

Because of It's Straightforward & Honest Approach!

contains a straightforward listing presentation approach

1. It's An Educational Approach Vs A Sales Approach!

Sellers hate being pressured by a slick-talking salesperson. In fact, a 'sales closing & sales script' presentation is the #1 reason why sellers say no to listing with an agent. This is why we recommend using an 'Educational' style seller presentation which logically explains how you are going to sell the home in a straightforward manner without the use of high-pressure sales closing scripts and techniques.

2. It Focuses Only On What Really Motivates Sellers To List!

The '#1 Motivational Hot Button' of a seller are 'BUYERS'. After all, if the seller already had a buyer he/she would have no need to hire you! Did you know mega listing agents focus the entirety of their listing presentation on buyer acquisition, communication and retention?

3. It Proves To The Seller You Are An Extraordinary Agent!

You will show the seller how the 'MLS Board Backs You Up' when it comes to locating and communicating with the urgent buyers. This is rather easy to do by focusing your conversation on the Hotsheets with the seller. Once again our Advanced Buyer Training Video will show you how to effectively use the Hotsheets to win the seller. This causes the seller to recognize you as an extraordinary agent, one they simply must list with.

4. It Persuades The Seller To Price Hot For Quick Sale!

The 'Pricing Strategy' found within the seller presentation quickly persuades the seller to not only price right but to also understand why pricing right is to his/her advantage. The result... your listings sell faster!

Includes Proven & Endorsed Winning Content Too!

presentation includes proven content

1. No need to waste days or weeks trying to develop content.

2. Includes 45 Minute Video on the content.

3. You can add additional content to make it unique to you.

4. And add charts & graphs to communicate market data.


And Since It's A MS PowerPoint Design...

You Can Personalize The Presentation To Your Exact Style!

Presentations PowerPoint and Keynote compatible
(Presentation compatible with PowerPoint or Keynote for Windows, MAC and iPad)

1. Drop in your logo.

2. Drop in your photo.

3. Designed for both MS PowerPoint & Keynote.

4. Presentations fully editable using PowerPoint/Keynote.

5. You can alter design & content layout if you want.

6. You can email the presentation to a seller.

7. You can add the presentation to your website.

8. You will have a 100% custom listing presentation.

Get More Than Just A Listing Presentation...

11 Extraordinary Presentations Explode Your Listing Success!

Pre-Listing Presentation

Pre-Listing Presentation

The perfect way for you to introduce both yourself and your services to the seller a few days before you attend the actual listing appointment.

  • Editable recommend content is included.
  • Number of Pages: Unlimited as you can add as many as you like.

Foreclosure Presentation

Foreclosure Presentation

Distressed sellers simply are confused as to the various options when facing this difficult situation. This is where you come to their aid. By using this unique foreclosure information presentation you will help sellers to understand all the various foreclosure options and programs.

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 4
  • Includes 8 E-books for you to use as 'lead generators'

Short Sale Presentation

Short Sale Presentation

Imagine the sense of relief on the faces of your distressed sellers because you have proven you are a short sale expert and can help to get them out of their financial troubles. The 'Helping You To Preserve Your Credit' short sale presentation will help your financially troubled sellers to understand the pros and cons, the consequences as compared to a foreclosure, and the requirements requested by the lender to authorize a short sale. This will cause your sellers to feel at ease realizing they can depend upon you and your professional expertise as you hold their hands through this stressful situation. The result... a listing priced to sell fast.

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 19

Expired Prospecting Presentation

Expired Listing Prospecting Presentation

Please Note: Paste Your Own Photo Version... Is Included!

Top producers intensely focus their efforts towards prospecting expired listings as they know they are the 2nd best source, next to For Sale By Owner, for locating qualified prospects who will list within 30 days. This prospecting presentation will quickly persuade the seller to book a listing appointment with you.

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 9

Expired MLS Buyer Presentation

Expired Listing MLS Buyer Presentation

Please Note: Paste Your Own Photo Version... Is Included!

You will have expired leads absolutely excited about listing with you once they understand you have buyers for their homes! Expired listing leads will quickly realize you are very different from their other agent who let them down. The result... you get the listing..

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 9

MLS Prospecting Presentation

MLS Prospecting Presentation

Easily Prove To Expired Listing & FSBO Leads You Have A Buyer!

This presentation shows your seller how you precisely pinpoint buyers for his home by using the MLS as a buyer location tool. You will show them (1) A list of buyers for their homes and (2) Your marketing plan to get these buyers into their homes. The result... satisfied sellers who understand you are on the job - servicing their listing in ways they never thought possible.

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 9

FSBO Buyer Presentation

For Sale By Owner 'Buyer' Presentation

Please Note: Paste Your Own Photo Version... Is Included!

FSBOs simply have very little idea about just how difficult it is to find a qualified home buyer. Actually, they do not even know what a qualified home buyer is and where such a buyer is found! FSBO's do not know buyers comes in 5 sizes or categories. This presentation will outline and explain to the FSBO how to work with each buyer type. The presentation concludes with you offering to drop over to the FSBO's home - a list of qualified buyers - who have the required urgency to buy this week!

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 6

FSBO Prospecting Presentation

For Sale By Owner 'Prospecting' Presentation

Please Note: Paste Your Own Photo Version... Is Included!

Since the FSBO has decided to do the 'work' of an agent, this presentation outlines exactly what that work is and what the FSBO must do throughout the entire selling, negotiation and closing process. This is a great 'leave with' the FSBO prospecting tool. By the time the FSBO has completely read the presentation, they'll quickly realize they probably bit off more than they can chew. The result... you book a listing appointment.

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 22

Safe Island Presentation

Safe Island Presentation

Sets the stage for a successful listing appointment. Both the agent and the seller are often 'anxious' at the outset of a listing presentation. Those uncomfortable feelings can be eliminated through the use of a presentation called "Safe Island'. This presentation makes it very easy for you to ask those 'difficult questions' you need answers to 'before' you ever begin your listing presentation. The result... you win the listing.

  • Editable recommended content included.
  • Number of pages: 2

Testimony Presentation

Testimony Presentation

All of us want to feel confident in knowing we are working with a proven professional. But how can a professional give us this feeling of security? Through the use of testimonies. The only way for you to establish trust and to verify ability is through the use of testimonies. And this presentation style adds to the power of your testimonies.

  • Editable add your own content.
  • Number of pages: Unlimited

Objection Visual Aids

Objection Visual Aids

You should never be surprised whenever a seller raises an objection during a listing appointment. What you should concern yourself with is how to handle the objections. And thus the purpose for these visual aids. Whenever a seller sends an objection your way it should be a sign to you of the seller's lack of understanding with respect to the objection. When handled professionally objections allow you to communicate with the seller in such a way it causes the seller to resolve the objection and move rapidly towards agreement.

  • 6 unique objection aids are included

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Since purchasing the seller presentation package and putting it to full use, I have NEVER walked away from a listing appointment without the signed listing in my briefcase.

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This past Thursday evening I went on my very first listing appointment using the '12 Reasons Why' listing presentation. Guess what? I got the listing. Thank you so much for creating such awesome listing presentation!

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Sample Presentation

Listing Presentation Sample

Seller Listing Presentation Features

PowerPoint & Keynote Compatible

Use your custom listing presentation with either MS PowerPoint or Keynote.

iPad & Tablet Compatible

If you use a iPad or Android tablet when on an appointment then you'll love this presentation.

High Quality Printable

Your presentation has been graphically designed to produce a beautiful print finish.

Fully Editable & Customizable

In seconds you can drop in your logo, photo, make edits to content and much more.

Includes Content For All Slides

Recommended content proven to produce results is included with your presentation.

Includes Free Video Training

Included is 'Step-By-Step' presentation video training to help you win!

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