Listing Presentation Video:
12 Steps To Winning Listing Appointments

"12 Simple Steps To... Guaranteed Listings!"


Dear Agent:

Have you ever noticed how organized very successful people are? It would seem they have a natural talent when it comes to being prepared for success. But do they? The answer is no. All they have done is to understand there is a process to success. And they depend upon that process to generate success.

The same applies to franchises. How you noticed how every franchise restaurant is exactly the same. Each looks the same on the outside and on the inside too. Even the way they prepare the food is the same.

Well guess what? Very successful agents know there is a process to enhancing their odds at getting a listing. And they follow this process without fail. This is why we created this video. It will walk you through the 12 steps you must follow to enhance your odds at listing success.

The very first step you must take on is the thought process of the seller. What do you think the seller is thinking when the seller agreed to meet with you for a listing appointment? If you do not know, you are at a disadvantage. Are you aware the seller is nervous and somewhat skeptical? What about making the decision to list that evening? You can bet your bottom dollar the seller is not very interested in that idea.

This is why you want to watch this video. It will quickly outline the 12 steps to winning every listing appointment with the perfect listing presentation.

Just follow the 12 steps and you will win listings!


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