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"As You Know... competition for listings is fierce!"

Just imagine all the hard work you did to book the listing appointment... are you going to blow it by showing up with an outdated listing presentation, or even worse... with no listing presentation at all? As you know... listings are in short supply. And you only have 1 chance to make a good 1st impression... because coming in 2nd does not pay you a dime. Is this why you are shopping for a listing presentation? Is the reason you are doing so is because you know you need a listing presentation that absolutely persuades the seller to choose you?

"Imagine Yourself Always Winning The Listing!"

Can you see yourself sitting with the seller at the kitchen table, eagerly waiting for the seller to answer? You have just finished your listing presentation and next comes the big moment... is it a yes or a no? You look over to the seller, anxious and a little nervous at the same time. And there the seller sits. You notice he is all smiles. He glances over to his spouse. You just know they have been totally blown away by your listing presentation. You just know they are impressed and pleased with your marketing strategy. And then.... suddenly... you hear them say those sweet, sweet words of success... 'Absolutely yes, we will list our home with you!'.


To Guarantee You Always Win You Must Differentiate Yourself!


  • Were you aware the typical seller invites 2 to 7 agents in their home for a listing appointment before selecting one?

Oh they may not be upfront and tell you they do, but nevertheless it is very unlikely you are the only agent they will interview. That being said, to increase the odds of winning the listing you certainly must differentiate yourself from the competition!

Not To Mention...

You Can't Be Saying The Same Stuff The Other Agents Say To The Seller!


  • Because you MUST be different.
  • If you say the same stuff... then you are not unique and therefore the seller does not see you as an extraordinary agent.

What Are These Other Agents Saying To The Seller?

Stuff like...

  • I will do an open house.
  • I will post your home on Facebook.
  • I will run an ad in the paper.
  • My company is awesome.
  • Bla, Bla, Bla!

What Are You Going To Say When The Seller Asks You...

seller asks what makes you different from other real estate agents.

"How Are You Any Different From Every Other Agent In Town?"

Tough question... yet you must answer it in such a way it causes the seller to want to list with you.

And this is exactly what the '12 Reasons Why To List With Me!' listing presentation does for you.

It answers that tough question in such a way it causes a seller to want to list with you.

And not only that... it also causes the seller to PRICE the home hot so it sells fast. This means your commission checks arrive sooner too!

So How Are You Going To Win The Seller & The Listing?

tip - drop off pre-listing presentation 2 or 3 days in advance of your listing appointmentBy following a plan that has been proven to win by thousands of agents across the country.

It's a very simple plan.

Many of our clients have report back to us that this listing presentation produced immediate results for them on their very first listing appointment.

In fact, some even sent us a testimony informing us of their past success with the listing presentation. (We invite you to read the testimonials page).

Oh, by the way... have you ever heard of a Service Term Plan?

To Win... You Need A Real Plan For The Seller.


  • Because it's the real plan that causes the seller to want to list with you.

Here is where most agents fail. As a matter of fact, they don't even have a real plan. All most agents ever do is list the home, throw it on the MLS and sit back and wait for another agent to bring the buyer.

  • But with a real plan that is outlined within this listing presentation... you virtually guarantee yourself to win the listing.

Allow Us To Walk You Through The Plan Right Now!

Step 1 To Winning... Drop Off Your Pre-Listing Presentation

tip - drop off pre-listing presentation 2 or 3 days in advance of your listing appointmentBy the way... the pre-listing presentation is included with your investment.

A pre-listing presentation is the most overlooked weapon in an agent's arsenal.

Yet it is the most important asset when it comes to putting the odds of winning the listing in your favor. So you will want to drop off your pre-listing presentation to the seller 2 to 3 days before the actual date of your listing appointment.

At the very least, here is what you ought to include in your pre-listing package.

1. Testimonies

Have at least 5 testimonies included in your pre-listing presentation package.

If you lack testimonies, go get them from your past clients.

If you are new to the business, ask your Broker for a few.

2. Buyer List

Include the targeted list of MLS buyers.

Also include a picture of the homes where the targeted buyers now live.

3. The 30 Day Marketing Plan

Include a summary page of your 30 day marketing plan.

Highlight the benefits to the seller.

4. Broker Letter

Ask your Broker to give you an 'official letter'.

The letter should clearly state service terms, service guarantees and ease of client access to the Broker.

Step 2 To Winning... Understand What Motivates A Seller To Choose You!

You will know how to produce a listing of buyers for evcery seller you meet.

This is where 96% of agents fall short.

They simply Do Not know what motivates a seller to list with them and say no to every other agent.

The question is...

Do You Know What Motivates A Seller?

This is the very power of the '12 Reasons Why To List With Me!' listing presentation.

  • It focuses on what really motivates a seller to want to list with you.

But What Does Not Motivate A Seller?

You may be shocked to discover...

1. Sellers are Not motivated by open houses.

2. Sellers are Not motivated by advertising.

3. Sellers are Not motivated by Facebook posts.

4. Sellers are Not motivated by Internet marketing.

5. Sellers are Not motivated by service guarantees.

6. Sellers are Not motivated by the reputation of the agent.

7. Sellers are Not motivated by the reputation of the real estate company.

Then What Motivates A Seller To Say Yes To You?

A seller's #1 motivational hot button are buyers.

Buyers... that's what!

Yes buyers are the #1 Motivational Hot Button of a Seller.

And unless you can prove to your seller you have buyers for his home... it is going to be very difficult for you to differentiate yourself from every other agent the seller may interview for the listing. This places you at a major disadvantage, one which reduces your odds at winning the listing.

Do You Know How To Prove You Have Buyers?

1. Most agents don't simply because they have never received proper training on the power of the MLS.

2. Yes... you use the MLS to produce a list of targeted buyers for every seller you meet.

Step 3 To Winning... Provide The Seller With Buyer Proof & Buyer Evidence!

Proving you have buyers is your Unique Selling Point

Don't know how to produce a list of buyers for your sellers?

Not to worry... our 45 Minuet Buyer Video will...

1. Show you how to produce a list of targeted MLS buyers for every seller you meet.

2. In fact, you will discuss 4 buyer groups with your seller.

3. The listing presentation has an entire section dedicated to this strategy.

4. The 45 Minute Buyer Video is included with your investment.

5. It will also show you how to use the MLS Hotsheets when with the seller.

6. The result... you quickly prove you have buyers for the seller.

7. The impact... the seller immediately recognizes you are an extraordinary agent and wants to list with you.

Step 4 To Winning... Introduce Your 12 Step Strategy To Sell The Home!

the content of your listing presentation must have words that motivate the seller to list with you.1. You do so in the 2nd section of the listing presentation.

2. You will walk the seller through each step in an orderly manner to cause the seller to want to list with you.

3. You will reach agreement with the seller on each of the 12 steps.

4. At the conclusion of the 12 steps the seller will agree to list with you.

5. Then you discuss the 'Staging of The Home' with the seller.

6. Lastly, the seller completes the listing agreement.

7. You walk out of the home with a signed listing in your hand.

8. Your new listing is priced hot for fast sale.


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